UNC-LSU2: Postgame Quotes (w/audio)

OMAHA, Neb. -- North Carolina head coach Mike Fox joined Dustin Ackley, Tim Federowicz and Alex White at the podium to talk to the media following the Tar Heels' 7-3 victory over LSU on Friday night.

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UNC Press Conference (Fox, Ackley, Federowicz, White)

LSU Press Conference

UNC head coach Mike Fox:

Opening comments:
"I'd like to congratulate [head coach] Paul Mainieri and LSU on a terrific season. They're a great team. We were fortunate to beat them twice. We certainly happy to have won and survived, and to have continued our season. I thought it was a terrific game. Their two pitchers were really outstanding for them – Bradford and Coleman.

"We just kind of hung around. I think tonight you saw probably why we've led the nation in earned run average. We ran our five best guys out there, and it would have really been a shame if we had lost only giving up four hits, but sometimes that's the nature of the game. I think you also saw why we think Dustin Ackley is the best player in America. He's got 230 hits in two years at North Carolina. That's absolutely incredible.

"Ryan Graepel hasn't played for us all year much until the end, and we've got him in there for defense, but that double in the ninth inning was big for us. My team's obviously got a lot of heart, and we just hung in there. We didn't do a lot of things right, but we finally hit a mistake. They didn't make many mistakes on the mound, but that slider kind of backed up on Coleman and fortunately Timmy put a good swing on it. We're happy to still be playing, obviously."

On Dustin Ackley:
"He's the table setter for us. That's why we've had him in the leadoff position for ¾ of the year. It helps us. We struggled to move him once he got on tonight, but he's a special player and he makes us go. We need him to get on, and he knows that [laughs]."

On Tim Federowicz:
"Tim's just kind of a big teddy bear – you can tell that up here. It was our mistake on the pitch to [Matt] Clark and Timmy's just able to take things like that and let it go, which is a credit to him. He has an unbelievable temperament to play this game and to catch. This game can be cruel and it can humble you some, so you just have to keep plugging. I've got him in the No. 4 hole for a reason."

Dustin Ackley

Was Jared Bradford's sinker an asset later in the game?
"I think so. Obviously his arm was getting tired there towards the end, and once their arms get a little bit tired, the ball starts to sink even more, so I think it definitely helped as it got later and his balls were moving more."

Tim Federowicz

On the homerun:
"It was great feeling getting up there with the bases loaded in the College World Series having a chance to put us ahead going into the bottom of the ninth. [Louis Coleman] had been tough on righties – I struck out the at-bat before – I knew he was going to bring that slider, and I was able to catch a bad one."

Alex White

On closing:
"It was a lot of fun coming in in a big situation. The walk to [Micah] Gibbs was definitely not something we wanted. I don't think the [Matt] Clark walk was a very bad walk, loading the bases with a right hander on deck. After that, I felt like I got [D.J. LeMahieu] to fly out on a slider and then had the lefty – all I needed to do was let him get himself out, to just throw strikes because I couldn't walk anybody else."

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