NBPA: Meet the Wears, Part II

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. --- You haven't read much about David and Travis Wear of late because they've been mostly absent from the AAU circuit this year. And that is by design.

For starters, having already committed to North Carolina, there is no need for the twin rising seniors from Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei to showcase their talents in front of college coaches. But more importantly, they think focusing on their individual games on a daily basis is a better way to develop and prepare for college.

"My dad takes my brother and I to Mater Dei and we usually do an hour and a half of shooting and then we'll go lift weights for an hour," Travis said. "We do that daily. And then we have practice after school and stay and shoot and work out."

Their future college coach, Roy Williams, approved of the decision.

"We told [Coach Williams] what we're doing and he thought that was a good thing to do," David said. "He approved of us resting our bodies and spending time working getting bigger and stronger to get ready to play at that next level."

Williams included a trip to California in his spring evaluation itinerary, amid AAU tournament stops.

"Coach Williams came to watch us work out," Travis said. "He enjoyed it and liked it a lot, because he got to see just us – there was no sitting on the bench – he just got to see us play."

There have been several focuses in the Wears' offseason training regimen. The concentration on fine tuning their fundamentals has been ongoing, but the greater goal has been from a physical standpoint.

First is the dedication to the weight room, which is paying dividends, as they both have added bulk and are noticing the difference it makes on the court at this week's NBPA Camp.

"Especially under the hoop we're bigger and stronger and able to hold off bigger guys," Travis said.

Then there is the quickness and jumping training they've been doing, which has produced improvements in their bounce off the floor around the hoop and their ability to stay in front of wings on the perimeter.

"Me and Dave have good fundamentals, good bases," Travis explained. "We're good players, but at the next level the guys are so much stronger and quicker, you have to get to their level of athletic ability."

In mostly bypassing the AAU circuit, the Wears are also being selective in choosing which camps to attend. They accepted an invitation to be among the 25 players at the USA Basketball Men's U18 National Team Trials in Washington, D.C. in a couple weeks, and this week they are in Charlottesville, Va. for the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

They've welcomed the return to game competition.

"We decided to do this camp because we thought this was a good opportunity to play against some of the good players in my class and some of the best players in the country," David said. "The pressure is off me -- I don't have to be out there to get known -- but at the same time you do want to prove you're one of the top players in your class."

Travis added: "It's been good to play against the best of the best. The competition is a good measurement because all these kids will be playing in college."

Though, unsurprisingly, it's taken a little while to shake off the rust. That was evident in some of their early games.

"You can't match playing in a game -- after not playing in them for a while, it takes a little while to get back into it," Travis said.

David added: "I'm a little rusty because I didn't play much AAU during the spring, so I'm trying to get back into it and I'm a little off."

Since the slow start, as they worked to get back in the flow, they realized that in a guard-oriented game atmosphere here, they'll rarely get the ball by just setting up on the low blocks. Instead they needed to hit the boards hard for put-backs and get out and run the floor for easy buckets in transition. Upon that recognition, their production has improved and they've turned some heads among courtside observers in doing so.

Travis has been noticeably more active and more aggressive, especially on the offensive glass.

David had a combined two points in two games on Wednesday. His combined total on Thursday? 32 points.

"I'm starting to adjust now," David said.

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