UNC-FS3: Postgame Quotes (w/audio)

OMAHA, Neb. -- North Carolina head coach Mike Fox joined Dustin Ackley and Chad Flack at the podium to talk to the media following the Tar Heels' 6-1 loss to Fresno St. in the College World Series on Sunday night.

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UNC Press Conference (Fox, Ackley, Flack)

Fresno St. Press Conference

Mike Fox

Opening statement:
"It's not ever fun. Actually worse no matter where you are, but especially here. We'll choose to focus on the seniors and what they've done. We didn't have a lot of things go right for us. Fresno State did, and they had a lot to do with it."

On Fresno State:
"Wow. They'd made every play defensively against us - all three games. We looked at the statistics and they've made some errors throughout the year. If you ask what is the one thing that stood out, they played terrific defensively."

On North Carolina making it to the CWS three straight times:
"There's a lot of parity in college baseball, as you've heard us say. It's difficult getting here. We're not patting ourselves on the back. Our league prepared us for this level of competition. It's hard to get here."

On his pitchers being tired:
"I think we probably asked a little too much out of those guys. You wanna run the guys out there that had impact on us getting here. I struggled with that today. My hat is off to them that they wanted to go out there tonight."

On the CWS crowd:
"This is still the greatest place ever to play. It doesn't get any better than this."

Chad Flack

On whether he felt UNC had another comeback tonight:
"I thought toward the end of the game we were hitting the ball pretty hard. They played well on defense and took a couple of hits from us."

Fresno State head coach Mike Batesole

Opening statement:
"That was a gutsy performance when we needed it the most. It was a mental battle for (Clayton) Allison, and he won it. The infielders made smart decisions and all three pitchers were locked in and located their pitches."

On his pitching staff's performance:
"They had outstanding plate discipline. To have the focus they did on the mound is what I'm most proud of. These guys are worn down and they found a way to focus all nine innings."

On Alex White:
"Look at what Alex White did this weekend -- are you kidding me? What a special, special kid. If he's not the first guy taken in the draft next year, I'll be surprised. And he still took the ball again today."

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