LJSA: Roscoe Smith Q&A

AKRON, Ohio -- Class of 2010 wing Tar Heel target sits down with Inside Carolina to talk recruiting.

Tell me how your recruitment is going.

It's going fine. I'm just having fun with it right now, watching all the high Division I colleges talk to me and all that.

Tell me about the coaches who contacted you once the date passed that allowed them to do so.

It was a good experience. It was very surprising.

Who contacted you?

University of Maryland, North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Florida, Florida State, Texas, and the list goes on.

That's a lot of schools showing interest in you. What schools are you interested in at this point?

I'm just going through the process right now. All the schools interested in me, I'm interested in them.

Do you know at what point you want to narrow down your list to something more manageable?

Probably during the middle of my eleventh grade season, once I know who is really interested in me.

What things will you pay attention to, and what will factor into the process when you narrow down your list?

I will pay attention to the college teams and how they play and how I fit. Will I get playing time?

When you talk about how you fit in, is that about the other players that are on the team, or is that more about style of play?

When I say how I fit, I mean how I feel when I'm around the coach, the players, the students, the teachers--everything.

Some of the guys in this camp have already made a college decision. Are any of them saying, "Hey, Roscoe. Let's go play together."?

(Chuckling) There are a couple of kids that I knew from playing summer ball, but I know that I am not in a rush to make a serious decision.

Who are some of those guys who are talking to you to get you to come play with them?

(Grinning) My friend, Kendall Marshall, he is whispering in my ear about coming to North Carolina.

Are there any other guys trying to sway you?

I'm just trying to keep my head [clear] right now.

As a child growing up was there a team that you followed more than any other, or were there any players who you pretended to be?

When I was a child, I used watch Maryland--Juan Dixon. I like his swagger, and I like how he [developed] his game over several years while he was at Maryland.

Dixon came in as a top 75 player, and he and Lonnie Baxter helped to build that team to the national championship caliber team. Are you looking at other players on the team who can help you get to a national championship, and are there other factors?

Yes, I'm looking for four other guys on the same path that I am on with a winning mentality that want to go to a national championship and beyond.

You will play basketball and spend a lot of time with your teammates this summer. What else will you be doing?

My main focus will be spending time with my family because I know that the recruiting is getting very serious. I want to spend as much time as I can with my family because I know when summer kicks in that I will be away from them. Out of state, out of state here. I want to spend time with my family.

How will being able to spend time with your family once you go to college factor into your decision? If you go to Texas, that's pretty far; Maryland would be much closer to home.

I was thinking about that, but I feel as though that if I do choose out of state that is [far away] from my home town, I think it would be a good decision because I know there won't be any distractions and I will have more focus on basketball. If I have more focus, I can be very successful other than being closer to home. But also, if I am closer to home I will still have my family, and they still can support me. I think it would be kind of distracting.

Who else will you talk to about narrowing this list down when you come to that point?

Just my father and my mother.

What is attractive to you about the University of North Carolina?

The University of North Carolina, the history of it. I love the history of it, the great names that go through North Carolina, the coaching, and the brotherhood of the team. Everybody [treats] each other equally. There are no egos.

How did you learn the things you know about North Carolina?

They came to see me work out, I talked to the coaches, I did research on the Internet, so I know some things about North Carolina.

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