UNC-PSU: Doherty Quotes

"I thought our kids played extremely hard. Everyone who played, I thought contributed. Our defense was fabulous, I was excited to see that we held them to under 30 percent from the field - 13 percent from the three-point line. Their three-point shooting scared me."

"I thought we did a good job causing some turnovers and igniting some breaks, and, as a result, we shot over 50 percent."

"Our unselfishness was impressive, I thought we distributed the ball."

"I was responsible for that screeching halt with about 11 minutes to go. I want to make sure that we are able to play with a [lead], and I think I probably over coached there and put the brakes on them. And then, finally, with about five minutes to go I said, 'just go play.'"

On Carolina's defense:

"I think we did a good job of shutting out some passes, keeping them from running their offense. They had to go one-on-one, and Watkins is pretty good one-on-one - he's a good player."

"I was real proud of our defensive energy."

On when he decided on this starting lineup:

"I went with that sometime this afternoon. I thought about it more when I thought there was a chance that Will and John weren't going to play."

"I was concerned about having such a young group out there. Will gives us a lot of stability, but Rashad is a pretty explosive player. As a result, we got off to a 20-6 lead, largely due to [Rashad's] ability to put the ball in the basket. I thought he did a good job defensively and also on the boards."

On the debuts of Raymond Felton and Sean May:

"They are talented kids; they are talented basketball players. They listen, they're coachable, they're unselfish, they're a joy to be around - I'm fortunate."

On his excitement level during the game:

"I'd tried to make a conscious effort this year to calm down a little bit. I think with my size, I don't want to be a distraction to our players or to the referees. And I couldn't help it.

"It has been a long off-season. My insides were bursting; I wanted to play a game. I had no idea how we'd do, I had no idea how Penn State would do. So, I was excited. I liked our defensive energy. I probably need to go run a marathon before games so I can calm down a little bit."

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