Flack Faces Career Decision

Chad Flack has a tough decision in front of him. The senior third baseman from Forest City, N.C. faces the option of pursuing one of two dreams – professional baseball player or college coach.

First, after playing his senior season with a balky shoulder, he is scheduled for surgery at the end of July.

"They are going to clean out the AC joint on top of the shoulder," Flack said. "The doctors at Carolina advised me that it would not get better without the procedure."

As a result of the surgery, if he opts to continue his playing career, it'd have to wait until next season.

"I have been offered a couple of spots with a couple of teams and I am still looking at it." Flack said. "The Dodgers have offered me a spot. I have shoulder surgery on the 31st—it is like a two month recovery and they have invited me to spring training next year."

Though he also has been offered a coaching position on the Tar Heel baseball team for next season.

"It has been a tough decision," Flack said, who is currently working toward completing his undergraduate degree. "I have always wanted to be a college coach. When it comes to me playing I have always been a team first player—when you get into the minor leagues it is all individual pretty much. I don't know how much I would enjoy that. Getting into coaching early I would have a chance to move up quickly."

Regardless of what comes next, Flack has already left his mark on the UNC record books. In addition to helping lead the Tar Heels to a three straight trips to Omaha, he stands atop the all-time lists with 328 hits, 1,058 at bats, 267 games played and 527 total bases, to go along with having a NCAA record 73 career at bats in the College World Series.

"I think these last three years I have been living a dream," Flack said. "It is going to live with me forever. From my sophomore year on, the chemistry in the locker room is about as good as you can get it. Any of the guys would do anything for you and everybody really cares for each other."

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