ACC KO: Commissioner Report

GREENSBORO, Ga. -- Commissioner John Swofford concluded the ACC Kickoff event with a media forum on Tuesday. Here are the highlights of the morning session ...

* The College Football Officiating, LLC was announced as a collaborative effort between the Collegiate Commissioners Association and the NCAA to improve college football officiating and provide for a more consistent system nationally. Dave Perry, current coordinator of officials for the Big Ten Conference, will head the effort.

* Instant replay statistics from 2007 – 171 reviews occurred and 42 of those plays were reversed. The average stoppage of play was 1 minute and 32 seconds.

* One instant replay rules change of note is that when a player's knee is ruled down, if the ball comes out and is immediately recovered by the opposing team, the play will be eligible for review. The same goes for a similar type of play in a scoring situation. If a player's knee is ruled down and then he scores immediately after the ruling, that will now be eligible for review.

* Other rules changes this season:

- The play clock will be set at 40 seconds when the ball becomes dead in or out of bounds and when a pass is incomplete.

- The 40-second play clock will not be used and a 25-second play clock will be initiated after any of the following events occur:
(a) a penalty is administered
(b) a charged team time out
(c) a media time out
(d) measurement
(e) change of possession
(f) try for point after touchdown
(g) start of each period
(h) start of possession in extra periods (overtimes)
(i) a replay/review
(j) when an "administrative" stoppage occurs

- A chop block is now defined as a high-low or low-high combination by any two players against an opponent, with or without delay and the "low" contact is at the thigh or lower.

- When a ball carrier goes out of bounds, the clock will now start on the referee's "ready" signal, except during the last two minutes when it will start on the snap.

- All players are prohibited from grabbing the inside back collar of the shoulder pads or jersey and immediately pulling the runner down (otherwise known as a horse collar). It is important to note that the maneuver will still be permitted inside the tackle box.

- No player shall twist, turn or pull the face mask or any helmet opening of an opponent, as it will result in a 15-yard penalty. There will no longer be a 5-yard face mask penalty.

- If a head coach's challenge is successful he retains the challenge, which he may use once more during the game.

- There is no longer a "sideline warning." The first two infractions will result in a 5-yard penalty, with a third infraction tacking on an additional 15 yards.

* ACC Championship tickets will be made available to the public on July 26 for the game to be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on Dec. 6th at 1 p.m.

* The ACC accounted for the following awards and achievements in 2007: 4 team national titles, 12 individual national titles, 140 teams placed in NCAA postseason, over 150 1st-team AA, 10 national player of the year recipients and five national coach of the year recipients.

* Tyler Hansbrough was named the 2008 Atlantic Coast Conference Male Athlete of the Year, announced today by Swofford after voting by 67 members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association. Hansbrough picked up the "Anthony J. McKevlin Award" as the league's top male performer and earning national player of the year honors last season.

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