Q&A with Scott Jackson, Part I

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Head baseball coach Mike Fox announced last week the hiring of Scott Jackson to his Tar Heel staff. Jackson, who most recently was on the staffs at UNC Wilmington and then Liberty, will coach offense at UNC as well as serve as the team's recruiting coordinator. He spoke with Inside Carolina about his new gig ...

Can you talk about the timing of your hiring at North Carolina?

"Obviously this always happens in the summer … for me, I think it was a good time. Not only was it in a spot where it was not too early or late in the summer to put Liberty in a bind. At the same time I was able to get out there and see some good players in Atlanta and have a feel for what is out there -- and get a really good feel for what is out there in North Carolina, as I had already covered the state games.

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"As far as the timing goes it was perfect for me and as far as the recruiting aspect it has been a great transition. I felt like I have come in here and been really comfortable with who is who in the state of North Carolina. Now it's continuing to move forward and see who is who outside of the state that we need to get on and get. Part of that was me being out in Phoenix at the USA Trials and seeing some of the best arms in the country out there and making progress with them out there."

What is the one thing that you are looking forward to most in your new position with UNC?

"I would say representing the University of North Carolina. I do not think there is anything better for me as a person - or anyone with a career in college athletics. This is the best place in the country. So that is the one thing I am looking forward to, being able to get up in the morning and represent the University of North Carolina and the baseball program."

Tell me about your prior relationship with Coach Forbes - you coached together in the past in the Coastal Plains League...

"We did - Scott asked me to be his assistant. [At the time] we knew each other vaguely. Scott played against my brother in college; my brother was a shortstop at Greensboro College. Scott remembered him because my brother was one of the better players on the team. We had that summer together and we got to know each other a little bit. We were both single and did not have anything to do but head out to the field, bust our butt and work on making kids better. We had a lot in common on and off the field and it was a great situation. He was in my wedding and he is one of my best friends."

How long have you known Coach Fox?

"I have known Coach Fox for a while now and have tried to get to know him from the professional end of it because I respect so much of what he has done from North Carolina Wesleyan to North Carolina -- his work ethic is just incredible. When you are a young coach and you are getting into this and seeing people work so hard and have such success, you try to get to know them.

"I have known Coach Fox just as long as I have known Scott, so I think that helped me get my foot in the door. When we sat down to discuss the position, his first words to me were: 'I have thought a lot of you...' From there on things moved forward. It was a great process and I enjoyed getting to know Coach Fox a little better through that."

How difficult has it been moving your family while jumping right into recruiting?

"I have a wife that I will put up as the best in the country as far as a coaches' wives go. She has done this before going to Lynchburg. I told Coach Fox when I interviewed that I would be able to jump on board and worry about the little things later -- thank goodness I have a wife that can take care of all of that. She has been great and we are all very excited. I have a 22-month-old son -- I can't gage his excitement level yet, but he will figure it out someday..."

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