Renner Concludes Elite 11 Experience

Bryn Renner wrapped up his trip to the Elite 11 Camp on Thursday, as the North Carolina verbal commitment left his mark at the prestigious event.

"I thought it went really well," Renner said. "To go out there and get some great work with the best quarterbacks in the country is an awesome experience. It was a lot of fun and just a great time."

The Elite 11 Camp is a four-day event held in Southern California and regularly features 12 of the top quarterbacks in the nation. The campers received instruction from top college counselors as well as the Elite 11 coaching staff, including Bob Johnson, who is highly regarded as a quarterback guru.

Quarterbacks are selected for the Elite 11 Camp through film evaluations, in-person workouts at either a Nike Camp or Elite 11 Regional Qualifying Camp, and a telephone interview.

After shining in the final Las Vegas Elite 11 regional workout, Renner forced his way onto the Elite 11 radar. The 6-foot-3, 185-pounder from Springfield (Va.) West proved he was deserving of the invite throughout the camp.

"I thought I held my own," Renner said. "I thought I did pretty well everyday. I thought I was up there competing."

Joining Renner at the Elite 11 Camp were Tajh Boyd (Hampton (Va.) Phoebus), Richard Brehaut (Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Los Osos), Allan Bridgford (Viejo (Calif.) Mission), Raymond Cotton (Fort Meade (Md.) Meade), Garrett Gilbert (Austin (Texas) Lake Travis), Andrew Maxwell (Midland (Mich.) HS), A.J. McCarron (Mobile (Ala.) St. Paul's), Zach Mettenberger (Watkinsville, (Ga.) Oconee Co.), Aaron Murray (Tampa (Ga.) Plant), Tom Savage (Springfield (Pa.) Cardinal O'Hara), and Eugene Smith (Miramar (Fla.)).

This year's roster of college camp counselors included Chase Daniel (Missouri), Colt McCoy (Texas), Curtis Painter (Purdue), Bobby Reid (Texas Southern, formerly Oklahoma State), Mark Sanchez (USC), and Matt Stafford (Georgia). NFL quarterbacks Carson and Jordan Palmer also worked the camp.

"They are college quarterbacks so whenever they take a rep you have to have all eyes [on them], because they're playing at a level you're trying to get at," Renner said. "I definitely learned a lot from watching them every rep."

The campers took part in a daily workout, which lasted two hours and emphasized coverage reading and accuracy. After warming up with the camp's receivers, the campers would break into three groups that rotated among three activity stations. Campers than participated in seven-on-seven drills before concluding the workout with accuracy drills.

"I really learned you have to compete every day; throwing just non-stop, basically," Renner said. "You just have to be on your toes. You have to be ready for four days not just one. You can't just come out and just have a good day. You have to have four solid days of consistency.

"I learned that everybody is good out there and you just have to keep working through it."

Directly following each workout, campers participated in the Golden Gun Accuracy Challenge. The competition had participants throwing at five targets. Each target was worth one, two, or five points based on the difficulty. The players sprinted from target to target with two five-minute halves and a short break in between.

After starting off slow on Monday with six points, Renner claimed Tuesday's Golden Gun with 15 points. He finished second on both Wednesday (20 points) and Thursday. He ended the camp third in the overall Golden Gun standings.

"I thought I did really well," Renner said. "… I'm happy to just be up there [at third]. I thought I could have [completed] a couple more here and there, but I thought I preformed pretty well."

Brehaut won the camp's overall Golden Gun competition.

Outside of the workouts, Renner and his fellow campers enjoyed four days in California.

"You see all that stuff on MTV, so it was kind of cool to walk around [Laguna Beach]," Renner said. "That was a lot of fun just playing volleyball and playing basketball, and just going out on the ocean a little bit.

"Allan Bridgford and Richard Brehaut, they're from California, so they knew the ropes and showed us around and were escorting us everywhere."

Most of the campers down time, though, was spent playing video games – especially NCAA 2009.

"There were seven TVs set up in the lounge room," Renner said. "We just played as much NCAA '09 as we wanted to."

On Tuesday night the campers competed in an NCAA 2009 video game tournament.

"I play a lot, but Matt Strafford got me with three seconds left on a Hail Mary," Renner said. "He was Georgia and I was Texas Tech. So I got bumped out of the first round. I wasn't too happy about that."

Murray won the NCAA 2009 video game tournament with a 24-21 win over Brehaut in the finals.

Renner returns home Friday and shifts his focus exclusively to his senior football season.

"I have nine days until we start my season," Renner said. "I'm just going to keep working out in the mornings and we have afternoon workouts with my team. I'm just going to get my team ready for this state championship run we're trying to make."

Renner says he keeps in constant contact with UNC coaches Kenny Browning, John Shoop, and Charlie Williams.

With his hectic preseason schedule, Renner doesn't expect to attend any of UNC's preseason practices. However, he said he plans to attend several games this fall and has October 11 UNC-Notre Dame game circled on his calendar.

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