UNC Remains Townsend's Destination

In a conversation with the Tar Heel staff on Friday night, 2008 signee Joseph Townsend discovered that UNC will hold a scholarship spot for him.

The 6-foot-3, 285-pound defensive lineman discussed with UNC assistant coach John Blake plans to enroll at UNC for the spring '09 semester.

"I asked him ‘Are you guys going to stick with me or do I have to play this year,'" Townsend said. "He said ‘No man, we still want you.'… He said they were going to hold my scholarship and everything. I'm pretty happy about that."

Townsend will spend the fall semester at Cupertino (Calif.) DeAnza CC where he will take the English class that prevented him from graduating from Los Altos Hills (Calif.) Foothill CC and ultimately prohibited him from enrolling at UNC this fall.

To avoid the risk of injury, Blake and Townsend collectively determined it would be best for Townsend to sit out this coming football season.

"I told him I'm just going to do my boxing training, lift weights, and do my football training," Townsend said. "By the time I get down there, I'll be injury-free and ready to go."

In spite of him sitting out the season, Townsend will still lose a year of eligibility. He will arrive at UNC classified as a junior with no red-shirt year available.

During the months heading up to January, Townsend will continue to train with Tommy Jones, a former NFL player, and also participate in boxing training.

In February 2005, Townsend signed with Washington State out of high school, but spent the following year working to qualify. He enrolled at Foothill and had an impressive 2006 season.

Townsend signed with Nebraska in February 2007, after being recruited by Blake, who was coaching for the Cornhuskers at the time. However, he didn't qualify in time for enrollment and didn't play during the 2007 season.

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