Roy Williams talks about playing UNC

On playing former KU assistant Matt Doherty:

"A few years ago in the Preseason NIT we played Florida State when Coach (Steve) Robinson was the head coach there and it's not pleasant for me. It won't be pleasant having to answer all the questions that we'll have to answer. I am going to try to focus on the game. I think Matt will do the same thing. I wanted this team to go to New York and to get there we play North Carolina just like it's scheduled right now. We have got to play them whether I like it or not. If I had my choice I would choose not to play them until it was Final Four time, and then I would be excited to play anybody at that point."

On KU students chanting "We Want the Tar Heels":

"I said that there is no need for that. Let's just enjoy tonight. I mean we are going to get them. They are going to show up. I just think there is no need to get carried away. Let's enjoy the journey as I have said thousands of times. Let's enjoy tonight. A lot of times you wish for things you wished you hadn't wished for. I want to enjoy tonight and we'll see what happens when we get up there."

On contact with Coach Doherty:

"During the season usually about once every 10 days or so we'll talk. This week alone we have traded three messages. I called him Monday - the day of their first game. He called me Tuesday. I called him Wednesday. I think that was it. I even said when I called him Wednesday don't worry about calling me back. At least we are thinking about each other and we have got things to do instead of talking on the phone a lot. I let it go at that."

On his overall feelings about North Carolina:

"North Carolina is the one that is harder to play than anybody else because I have those feelings of my entire life I dreamed of playing there and I dreamed of coaching there. I did coach there for 10 years. I love that place. I don't think anybody loves that basketball program as much as I do. It is not just Matt Doherty. It's North Carolina. Tar Heel born. Tar Heel bred. Tar Heel dead. There is something to that. I made the decision to stay at Kansas. I am a Jayhawk and that isn't going to change. The only thing that is a problem for me in more than one way is North Carolina."

On North Carolina fans resenting him:

"I am sure there is some (resentment). I have really tried not to look back and tried to really focus on the Kansas people being happy that I stayed here. It was not an easy decision. Part of it since then has not been pleasant. At the same time it's really the only reason I did not want to play this game in New York because I have to answer all those questions again. That is the hard part."

On Coach Dean Smith:

"Coach Smith has been phenomenal to me and is still phenomenal to me. It is impossible to have any more respect for any person in the entire civilized world than what I have for Coach Smith and the way he has treated me since then. He knew what we had at Kansas. Larry Brown made a good statement he said, 'He (Coach Smith) was one of the few people that knew the problem I was going through."

On the differences between Kansas and North Carolina:

"The people at Kansas don't understand what they have at North Carolina and the people at North Carolina don't understand what we have here at Kansas. I disappointed some people and that's been hard for me to handle, but you have to go on."

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