Doherty talks about playing Kansas

Q: Will it be tough to coach against Roy Williams because of your relationship with him?:
"He has said it in the past. I've said it playing against Steve Robinson. You don't like to play against someone you care about because someone is going to lose. And sometimes when you win those games you feel worse than you do if you lose because you feel bad for the other person. But once the ball goes up, it's going to be Carolina's players against Kansas' players. I'm sure that they'll be favored. They've got such a talented team of experienced players. They've got two All-Americans in Hinrich and Collison, and they have Miles and Langford. They are a very good team. The thing I'm concerned about is guarding against two quality, strong post players. And they've got them. And they've got team speed. There's no weakness on their team."

Q: Have you played a game at Madison Square Garden?:
"Yes. I've played like three or four games in the Garden. It's pretty cool. Their horn is different. John Condon was the announcer and just to hear him announce your name and hear the buzzer go off, it brings back memories of Walt Frazier and DeBusschere, Bradley and Reed. It's special for me. It's special for me to go back to the Garden and see family and friends. But my biggest concern is certainly playing against the talented Kansas team."

Q: Roy Williams and Eddie Fogler said they felt like brothers when they worked on the UNC staff. Do you have the same feelings about Williams?:
"He's like a big brother. Yeah, I think he's like a big brother to me. I don't want to make him feel bad by saying he's like a father to me. He's not that old. He's like a big brother to me. I always call him for advice and leave a message to say, 'good luck.' We've probably left each other three or four voice mails in the last week and a half. I'd say we probably talk about once every 10 to 14 days."

Q: When was the last time you spoke to Williams in person?:
"I was out at Kansas for a dinner in his honor. That was like Oct. 20th or 25th, somewhere in there. It was a Sunday night and they were honoring him. I went out and actually went to his practice on Sunday and went to the dinner Sunday night. I was in Lawrence seven years. My son, Tucker, was born there. We've got great friends there. I love Lawrence. Lawrence is very similar to Chapel Hill. They've got great fans there. It's a great tradition in basketball. It's a neat place to go. It feels like home."

Q: Are you worried about your young players being in awe once they get to New York and play in the Garden?:
"I don't think our kids will be in awe. I think they'll be energized and excited. I don't feel like they'll be intimidated. They're not that kind of kid. I think they are looking forward to the challenge. They understand that Kansas is a great team, but I don't think they'll be in awe."

Q: What about Coach Williams' role in the UNC coaching job when he turned it down and that led to you being hired?
"That happened so long ago, three years almost. It's been brought up so many times I don't think that's an issue."

Q: Do you have mixed emotions about going against Williams in the game:
"I'm not afraid about facing the coach; I'm afraid about facing the players. If I was going against Coach Williams I'd have an opportunity to post him up because he's a little smaller than me. I'm more concerned about Nick Collison, Kirk Hinrich, Wayne Simien and Aaron Miles. They're a great team that's very experienced and very explosive. I'm more concerned about their players."

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