Henson Easing into New Surroundings

John Henson has found himself in unfamiliar places this summer. A Top 5 ranking after a jaw-dropping summer is new territory, but in the literal sense, he's also been adjusting to his family's recent move.

The 6-10 UNC commitment left Round Rock (Texas) High and will spend his senior year at Tampa (Fla.) Sickles.

Unsure of what to expect when he walked through the doors at Sickles on Monday, Henson says that the transition has gone better than he'd expected.

"It's been pretty easy, the transition with the school and stuff," Henson said. "I found out probably a week or two before we moved so it was a tough move but it's gone pretty well. I like the school and the people are nice here. The basketball team is cool. I just got home from an open gym and the basketball team is going to be pretty good."

Not surprisingly, Henson and his sophomore sister Amber -- a star on the girls side -- caused a bit of a stir when they showed up on campus.

"When we got there people were like ‘Woah, who are those tall people," Henson said. "Then word spread around and everybody started coming up to us."

Now that he's reasonably settled in and has had a moment to catch his breath, Henson is able to reflect on what he thought was a productive summer.

"My goal was to get better and I think I did that," said Henson, who emerged from the summer circuit ranked the No. 1 power forward in the nation by ScoutHoops.com and the No. 3 prospect overall. "I know some dudes at the top have been playing against the top players or whatever for a long time. This was my first year playing against all the top players at the top camps. I just wanted to play hard and do well and I think I did. I had a lot of fun this summer."

While playing all over the country, he also had the chance to cross paths with future teammates David and Travis Wear.

"It was fun, when we played the Wear twins we talked to each other a lot," said Henson of the two AAU games in Los Angeles. "I had never seen them play before so it was fun seeing their games. I enjoyed it, seeing what they are able to do.

"I think they are great. They are solid players, they get it done. That's what I tell people when they ask me, I say ‘They are solid players who get it done.' They are going to get theirs and put in work."

He also sees the Wears as players whose abilities will fit well with his.

"I feel like their game could complement mine and that I could complement their game," Henson said. "They both have inside and outside ability. It could give us a nice little one, two -- or really one, two, three -- punch."

Having chosen North Carolina sometime ago, Henson also said that it's a relief to not have to worry about recruiting on top of switching schools and his family's move. He's got an in-home visit with Roy Williams planned for Sept. 9. An official visit will come the next month.

"October 24, ‘Late Night,' that's when I'm doing my official visit," Henson said. "I haven't really talked to anybody but I think that they might have us all in. I haven't really asked."

For now, Henson is looking forward to settling into his new surroundings and making new friends. He's also excited to be playing for a good team that has a legitimate chance to make some serious noise come playoff time.

"The one thing that has really impresssed me is that they have two really nice guards to be on the same high school team," said Henson of his new squad. "It's going to be fun because they like to dish and they can hit the open shot. We've also got the supporting cast so I'm hoping that we can do a lot this year."

"It's different stepping on that court every day knowing that you've got a chance to win a state championship."

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