Three Schools Firm for Newsome

DANVILLE, Va. --- Although he is nowhere close to narrowing his list of choices down, Kevin Newsome revealed three schools that are locks to make the cut.

"I love Virginia Tech; Virginia Tech is going to be up there in my top teams. UNC is going to be up there for sure in my top teams. Penn State is going to be up there," Newsome said. "Those are the three schools that stand firm in their positions.

"[Those three aforementioned schools] have been recruiting me pretty hard since last year. I think those three schools deserve a shot. Virginia Tech probably has been recruiting me the most, then Penn State, and then UNC."

When Newsome does narrow down his list of choices, he says "it's probably going to be like nine schools."

"The way that I'm going to do this is like the schools that are near me that I've been to four or five times, I'll probably just unofficially visit them again. And the further schools, I'm probably going to go on an official [visit]," Newsome said.

Shortly after enrolling at Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy in mid-August, Newsome backed out of his verbal commitment to Michigan. Since then, the 6-foot-3, 230-pound quarterback has maintained his open status to every school recruiting him.

"Right now, I'm just looking around," Newsome said. "There's not really a certain school…Right now, everything is flat. I'm just looking at every team, give every team a chance – I'm giving every team a shot."

Newsome, who holds over 30 scholarship offers, says that Oregon and UCLA are the latest schools to begin recruiting him.

Newsome says he speaks to Kenny Browning, his UNC primary recruiter, "a lot."

"[He discusses] going to the school and playing football," Newsome said. "I like Coach Browning a lot, and UNC."

In March, UNC received a verbal commitment from Bryn Renner, a quarterback from Springfield (Va.) West. Newsome says the presence of another quarterback on UNC's commitment list won't hurt the Tar Heels' chances.

"The roster is always a thing you look into," Newsome said, "but I think it's a fair chance that we both compete, hypothetically speaking, if I do go to UNC. We'll just compete and whoever is the best player will play. I'm not worried about competition at all."

Newsome says "from what he knows" UNC is recruiting him as a quarterback.

Starting the weekend of September 20, Newsome will be allowed to leave Hargrave on the weekends. Thus far, he has not yet made plans to attend any college games.

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