Miller impressed with UNC

<i>Inside Carolina</i> checks in with another Cerritos linebacker who made his official visit to Chapel Hill on Sunday and left Tuesday. Marcus Miller is a talented JuCo linebacker that shared the linebacking chores with Justin Burks. North Carolina wants both to add instant depth at linebacker, a position where the Tar Heels were hurting this season.

Marcus Miller loves to fish and he knows how to reel in the big catch. Unfortunately for North Carolina, Miller – who the Tar Heels consider to be a big fish at linebacker – didn't take the bait that UNC fed him on his official visit.

However, Miller said the Tar Heels are definitely in his top three.

"I couldn't commit because that was my first trip anywhere. I was impressed by everything there. They seemed a little torn by it (me not committing), but they understood."

Miller said he was impressed by the facilities and the coaching staff at North Carolina.

"He (Coach Bunting) is a stand up guy. They all seemed good down home folk. He seems to really care about his staff and the community and all the things at Carolina. They understand what he is trying to do. He called us before we got out there at least once every week."

Miller said he talked to players who Bunting played with as a Tar Heel and players he coached at North Carolina and in the NFL.

"I talked about what he did in his years there (at UNC). He knows what it's like. The staff -- Webster, Holiday, etc. -- I asked them what it was like. I talked to (David) Thornton and another guy that Bunting coached (in the NFL) and asked them what it was like playing for him? I heard nothing but good things about him."

Another big part of recruiting trips involves eating, which involved a trip to Spanky's on Franklin Street.

"That was one of the best parts of the trip," Miller said. "That was just great. When we came in and all the people there were standing and cheering. They had made posters with pictures of us on them. That was very impressive. "It was nice and I was shocked and flattered. It's hard enough for me to find those things on the internet myself."

Miller also agreed with Burks when he said that putting on the North Carolina jersey and running onto the field at Kenan Stadium was another highlight of the trip.

Another thing that impressed Miller was the plush UNC campus.

"It was beautiful, I'm not the mushy type but I looked out the window and there was a Cardinal right there. You don't see that out here in California. I normally only see cardinals when they are on (baseball) jerseys."

Miller, who calls himself a fishing fanatic, challenged UNC coach Andre Powell to a fishing match during his visit.

"I heard Powell liked to fish, but he didn't accept my challenge. He is a so-called angler, but I've been fishing all my life."

Next up for the linebacker is a trip to Marshall on Friday. He also plans to visit Oregon in the next month and then a trip to Kansas State is likely.

"My options are limited visit wise and it's getting close to crunch time," Miller said. "After the private jet ride (to Chapel Hill), I felt like a million bucks. I thought I was in the league, but then we flew back commercial."

If Miller picks UNC, he will no doubt make the Tar Heels feel like a million bucks, too. But that decision won't happen until he makes a couple more visits.

For now, the big fish took the bait and ran, but North Carolina is ready to cast again and could still land the fish it wants.

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