Wednesday Butch Davis Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Butch Davis spoke with reporters Wednesday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"We're on the buses actually traveling to the airport, getting ready to depart. We've had a good week of practice. We needed the extra time. Certainly there were some extra things that we needed to fix. We didn't play well against McNeese [State], and obviously, with as good and talented a program as Greg Schiano has created at Rutgers, we needed the extra time. So I think that we utilized that time well, and we're anxious to play the game and find out if we have a chance to make some improvement over the first two weeks of the season."

Rutgers' offense struggled last week. Did you see anything in that game film that you could also exploit?
"They struggled capitalizing on some great field position a lot of times during the course of the ball game. They had a punt return for a touchdown called back. One of their receivers that's a great player dropped a ball in the end zone. That's clearly two touchdowns. They had the ball 26 snaps inside the 50-yard line [without scoring]. And you have to give some credit to Fresno State. They're a good team, and I'm sure that Rutgers like [us], there's things that when you look back at the game you wish you could have done differently and better, and I'm sure that they will."

How do you feel about your defense after the McNeese State game?
"We need to make some improvements. We didn't play very well in any of the three phases. Fortunately, Brandon Tate had a great game and made some big plays in special teams and offensively. But certainly, we can't be a one-man team. We've got to play well at a variety of different positions and the Rutgers game will be a good challenge for us to see if we can play better."

How much better is your team than it showed?
"I don't know. Tomorrow night will be a good test. We'll find out. We had a good week of practice. I think that practices are a definite correlation. If you practice well, you give yourself a chance to win. It doesn't necessarily insure that you will, but if you practice poorly, you're certainly not going to play very well. And we think that we've had some good practices, and I think that Rutgers is a very good challenge. They've gone to three straight bowl games. Greg's built a very good program there, and we're going to have to play well."

There will be a flyover for the 9/11 ceremonies tomorrow night. Do you want your team to be on the field for that?
"Rutgers has not told us at all about any extra plans that they're doing. I know that it is 9/11, and they haven't extended an invitation to the best of my knowledge. We may get informed of that later on, so we'll find out when we get there exactly what is happening."

On Rutgers:
"They've got a very talented, big offensive line. Last year they ran the ball so extremely well, and it really set up big plays in the passing game. So I think that's a big concern. Defensively, they have a huge pressure package. Our offensive line has got to do a great job of recognizing a variety of big pressure things. And in special teams, they've got two very talented returners, so we've got our hands full in all three phases."

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