Brazinski Will Take Official to UNC

With a restart to his recruitment, Mark Brazinski will be patient and take several – if not all five – official visits before making a verbal commitment.

"I definitely will be taking an official to North Carolina, I'm looking to take an official to Boston College, and one school I've been in contact with [but hasn't offered] is Georgia Tech and they want me to take an official visit there," Brazinski said.

Brazinski, a 6-foot-3, 297-pound lineman from Somerville (N.J.) Immaculata, verbally committed to Rutgers in early-June only to de-commit two months later.

"When I committed, I felt like I knew everything that was in front of me [and] I felt I knew what I wanted," Brazinski said. "Two months later, I took a step back, looked at it, and realized I didn't do enough research. Basically, I just committed too early, so I de-committed and opened it back up."

Prior to his Rutgers pledge, UNC expressed interest in Brazinski. After he went back on the market, UNC resumed its recruiting efforts.

"After a couple of weeks, I talked to a few of their coaches, they looked over my tape again, and they said they wanted to offer me," Brazinski said. "I was very honored.

"They like how I was very aggressive and how I was flexible… They like my personality, they like my play, and they just feel like I'm a good fit."

Brazinski now holds offers from Boston College, Florida State, UNC, and Rutgers. All, except for UNC were extended before his pledge to Rutgers. However, Duke, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame began recruiting Brazinski after his de-commitment and appear close to offering.

John Lovett, who recruits New Jersey for UNC, kicked off Brazinski's recruitment. Now, though, Sam Pittman, UNC's offensive line coach, handles Brazinski's recruitment.

"[Pittman] said he definitely wanted a center," Brazinski said. "He said he's definitely going to recruit me, because it's rare to find a college center that plays center in high school. Most of the time a center [prospect] is either a tackle or guard and they have to convert them. I already have years of experience of snapping a football, calling out protections and things of that nature.

"He said they want a couple of tackles – two or three – and they want a center and I'm their guy."

Brazinski is a three-year starter at center. As a junior, he was credited with 84 pancake blocks in 12 games.

Pittman and Brazinski speak weekly.

"I've been told by many recruiters that I am a unique recruit in the sense that… I usually talk to [recruiters] about the business school and I give them homework," Brazinski said. "I tell them ‘Hey, I need you to look this up for me because I can't find it.'

"We discuss the school, the kids, the atmosphere, and we do talk about football a lot, too."

Learning from his experience, Brazinski won't rush to make his collegiate decision this time around and thus doesn't have a timetable. However, he's quite aware of what he's looking for.

"I definitely want a very good business school, because education is universal; I want a coaching staff that I feel like I get along with really well; I want to fit into the system with the players and the coaches; and I would like to go to a school that goes to a bowl game every year," Brazinski said.

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