Butch Davis Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Wednesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening remarks:
"It was a good trip [to Rutgers]. I give a lot of credit to the assistant coaches, because they did a great job preparing the team. The players did a great job of focusing on what they needed to play. I think it was certainly a positive step for the program. Not only from the standpoint of winning the game and the exposure on national television for an ESPN audience, but it's a step that you have to take with a young football team when you do go on the road. To be able to focus on the trip itself and why you're going and how to handle and conduct yourself at the hotel. It was just a very, very good trip."

What was that plane ride like coming home from New Jersey?
"Obviously, it was a lot of fun. The players were just ecstatic in the locker room after the game, but as you may suspect, when you put that much into it, about 30-40 minutes into the flight coming home, I think almost every one of them was sound asleep. They were dead tired and give out."

On the probability of having both Greg Little and Shaun Draughn in the backfield at the same time:
"That's always a possibility. If you watch us very closely, you'll see that we are a dramatically multi-personnel football team. At any given moment, we can have three or four wide receivers, we can have multiple tight ends [or] we can have two backs with Bobby Rome or Anthony Elzy in the backfield at the same time. Whether we do something with Shaun and Greg at the same time…

"Shaun is such a new addition to the game plan just from the standpoint that he was an unknown commodity prior to [several] weeks ago, and so his role will grow, as well as the rest of the football team. And maybe somewhere down the line you'll see both of them in the backfield at the same time."

On Tyrod Taylor:
"He's why coaches don't sleep very well at night. For the fans that watched Michael Vick play at Virginia Tech, Tyrod Taylor is a somewhat second coming of Vick. He's an explosive, very fast athlete. He's got a big-time arm. I think that Frank Beamer toyed with the idea of potentially red-shirting him and giving [Sean] Glennon the opportunity of finishing as a fifth-year senior as a starter.

"And I think what they saw they were missing were plays that Taylor could make outside of the design of the offense… The plays that Taylor can make with his legs are frightening. The buzz word in our building all week has been discipline. Who's responsible for all of the different phases. Who's responsible for keeping him in the pocket. It will be a huge challenge, and we have to play disciplined, because he is one explosive athlete."

Injury report:
"We're fortunate that at this stage of the season, so far we're pretty healthy. We played a game that was pretty physical a week ago on Thursday night, and for the most part, we came out of it with no bad injuries… The bumps and bruises that you get in a game don't seem to hurt nearly as bad when you win."

On the defense:
"We struggled a little bit against McNeese State, and we allowed Rutgers to move the ball a little bit more than we would have liked to, but we played 29 players on defense in the second ball game. Those guys need to play. It was rare. We didn't get the opportunity a year ago to get them in any games where we had a significant lead and it was good to give some of those guys a chance, but we created turnovers and that's something that we've got to continue to do."

If North Carolina wins 9 or 10 games this year and the NFL comes calling, are there any assurances that you can give us that you'll be here for the long term?
"I'm here. I like it here and I love being a part of this community and my family is very happy."

Do you ever hire people to scout your team?
"Absolutely. We did last year. We brought in Tom Donahue, who was the general manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers and helped them build all of their world championship football teams. He had left Pittsburgh and had gone to the Buffalo Bills and was then out of football, so we brought him in. He has a keen eye.

"When you get someone that's outside the box and outside the family and they have no hidden agendas – they don't know the players, they don't know their backgrounds or anything about them – and they can look at your players and give you honest feedback about the way things are going. Watching your coaches coach and the drills that you're doing. We'll definitely do that every single year that I'm here. We'll bring somebody in to look at the way our football operations work and our personnel."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Wednesday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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