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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, T.J. Yates, Mark Paschal and Kyle Jolly, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare for Miami on Saturday.

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Butch Davis


Opening remarks:
"Obviously, [T.J. Yates] left during the course of the ball game and underwent at that time an X-ray that didn't reveal any major significant injury. Later on [Sunday] night, an MRI revealed that he did have a fracture of his ankle and it's going to require that he's going to be out for six weeks. So obviously, we're going to have to deal with that from a quarterback standpoint and that's something that we're doing today.

"We'll prepare both Mike Paulus and Cam Sexton this week as the two quarterbacks that will get the lion's share of the work and the reps. I think that sometimes God looks out for fools, and I put myself in that fool category, that T.J. not going through spring practice gave Mike and Cam an opportunity to get an extreme amount of work with the first and second-team offenses during the spring time. So this will be an opportunity for them to step up.

"In retrospect looking back at the ball game, there were some things that we did better that shows that we're making some strides as a football team. I thought our coverage units were much better. We probably got our best performance out of a trio of linebackers. I don't know that Quan [Sturdivant] and Bruce [Carter] and Mark Paschal could have played much better. I thought all three of those guys played very well as a group of linebackers. But we've got to move on. The defense has got to continue to grow and prepare.

"Miami is explosive – they've probably got more speed than any team that we'll play this entire season… Graig Cooper, with the slightest poor angle or the slightest bad arm tackle, he can take it to the house and he can score.

"They're getting a lot of good production out of their quarterback, Robert Marve. He's a talented kid that's got some athleticism. They run some elements of the read-option, but they will [also] be in some I-formation. They're very dangerous on the perimeter… It'll be a whole new set of challenges this week for our players and we'll get ready for that tomorrow."

Will Mike Paulus be the starter on Saturday?
"We haven't decided yet."


When did you find out about the fracture?
"Dr. Taft called me last night around 8:30pm and let me know that there was a little fracture in there and that it was going to take some time to heal up. I was disappointed – really disappointed. But this type of stuff happens."

Did you have any idea walking off the field that you would be in this situation?
"Not at all. I thought I just sprained my ankle pretty bad, because it didn't feel too bad. I just couldn't put a lot of pressure on it. But I kind of felt it a little more the next day. I've never had a sprained ankle like this before – this one felt a little different than normal. But definitely, coming off the field I thought they were just going to tape it up and that I would be able to go back out there, but I couldn't really put any pressure on it after that."

On how the injury occurred:
"[Orion Martin] was just going for the sack, and I think he fell on the back portion of my ankle. The ankle just [turned] inward, and with his body weight and me running away, it just happened that way and he just rolled up on it."

Will you be able to throw the ball during your rehab?
Yes, I talked to [trainer] Scott [Trulock] a little bit about that and he said that in a week or so I'll be doing some seated throws just to continue my motion and get my trunk working and everything, so I'll definitely be throwing the ball."


Does losing T.J. put more pressure on the defense?

"Anytime something like that happens, my heart goes out to T.J. for a fast recovery. He heals quick and he will be in my thoughts. I do not know if it puts any more pressure on the defense, we are just going to play the best defense we possibly can. It is really unfortunate as a the team, but defensively we have to keep playing our game and keep stepping up."

Do you guys have confidence in whomever will be out there behind center on Saturday?

"Definitely. I think it was almost a blessing in disguise to have T.J. miss the spring. Now that you look back, it was a great opportunity for Cam and Mike to get under center. But it's a live game out there on Saturday it's something where they'll probably have to feel their way through and get used to. It will probably not be an overnight thing, but we have confidence in them and look forward to taking on Miami this weekend."

As a team, you come off a tough loss and have another big game coming right at you ...

"Miami is a good team. They beat A&M [handily]. It's going to be another challenge for us defensively - they have a lot of offensive talent at Miami so we'll have to take care of that. They are young and inexperienced so hopefully we can get things going. We'll start looking at film some today to get ready and prepare for Saturday."


What's your take on the perception that the offensive line has struggled thus far?

"I know we've taken a lot for the running game and it's pretty much the entire offense. It's not always the offensive line, but sometimes the offensive line has the right block but the running back won't make the right read or something like that. But there are also times where the offensive line is messed up, so it's the entire offense."

What's your expectation with Miami in terms of schemes?

"They're real young and real fast, and they bring a lot of pressure, so that's what I expect."

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