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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Wednesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the positives from the Virginia Tech loss:
"Certainly, I think everyone has to be proud of the way the defense played. Week after week, they've continued to get better. I think they're going to continue to get better as the season goes along. We're still playing an awful lot of young guys. Quan Sturdivant and Bruce Carter are more experienced this year than they were as true freshmen last year, but guys like Robert Quinn and Quinton Coples – two young defensive ends – the more they play the better they'll get. Certainly, Robert's gotten off to a good start…

"Every game, there's a certain set of keys to victory and one of the big keys was to put as much pressure on [Tyrod Taylor] and make him have to win the game throwing the football and limiting their third downs. They were only successful completing three of 16 third downs, and I thought that was a huge part of the success that our defense enjoyed last week, and two of those third downs were by penalties.

"I think Terrence Brown is kicking the ball as well as any punter in the country right now. He's averaging 44.3 yards per kick, but more importantly than just the yardage aspect of it, because I think if I said, ‘Look, Terrence, I want you to kick it 55 yards,' then I think he would kick it 55 yards. But that might not always be on our best interest. We might not be able to cover it if he does that, or he could kick some into the end zone, but he downed it three times inside the 20-yard line. His directional kicking is really good. His poise under pressure – he's handling that part of it really well.

"I think our kickoff coverage unit has continued to get better. We're going to get challenged significantly this week against Miami, and I think that those are some of the areas that we made some improvement."

What are some things that you do to prepare backup quarterbacks for this type of situation?
"One of the things that we do, and we learned this the hard way at the University of Miami when I was there and we had a limited number of scholarship players, we took an awful lot of our freshmen and a lot of the walk-ons and we had some extra practices for those guys just for these kinds of emergencies. This past Sunday, we worked with Cam and Mike with a lot of the freshmen and red-shirt freshmen and some of the walk-ons and had a complete hour's worth of practice.

"Over the course of training camp and over the first couple of weeks, we've had special practices on Thursdays. When the guys that are going to play are finished, we would keep some guys and maybe run 20-25 plays – maybe 10 7-on-7 and 20 team plays – just to give the second and third-team quarterbacks some extra work, because inevitably, at some point in time during the course of the season, there's going to be some guys that get injured."

When will make a decision about your starting quarterback?
"We'll make a decision probably sometime Friday when we go through our last dress rehearsal as to who's going to actually start the first possession of the ball game. And as I said, regardless of who actually starts that first possession, I would suspect that you'll have a real good possibility of seeing both of them sometime in the first half."

Injury report:
"Bruce [Carter] did tweak his hamstring just a little bit during the course of the game, but it was a minor strain and he fought through it and continued to play. He hasn't missed a minute of practice this week. With the exception of T.J.'s injury to his ankle, we came out of the game in a pretty good situation, health-wise."

On Ryan Houston:
"I really still think there is a future for Ryan Houston as a running back. He's a big physical kid, he's powerful [and] he's strong. I think that he has worked harder this year than he did last year as an incoming freshman. He's lost about 15 pounds. He's down from 260 to about 243 or 244. He's a lot quicker, a lot more nimble and he can make the cuts a little bit better.

"We're still in that exploratory stage, in some respects, trying to find out exactly [how to play him], because we were counting on him to probably play a bigger role prior to the emergence of Shaun Draughn. Shaun kind of sprung out of nowhere and showed some flashes, so he's clouded the picture a little bit, but I think that before Ryan Houston leaves here, you're going to see him do a lot of good things for this offense."

Position changes:
"We have moved Devon Ramsay, who was a running back, we've moved him to the fullback position, along with Bobby Rome and Anthony Elzy."

On Brandon Tate:
"We get probably a half-dozen or so pro scouts that come to our practices every single week, and Brandon has really done a great job of positioning himself as somebody that the NFL is definitely looking at."

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