Kennard Considering UNC Official five-star prospect Devon Kennard is considering taking one of his official visits to North Carolina.

"There's a possibly," Kennard said. "I'm not promising anything yet. I'm trying to figure out where I definitely want to take my officials."

Kennard, a 6-foot-3, 257-pound defensive end from Phoenix (Ariz.) Desert Vista, named his top five – Arizona State, California, Southern Cal, Texas, and UCLA – in late June, but said several schools, including UNC, were still under consideration.

Although he has yet to schedule any of his official trips, Kennard says he will definitely officially visit Cal and USC, and most likely Texas.

"There might be a change and there might be room for another school or two [to receive an official visit]," Kennard said. "… There's a good chance I'm going to take an official to all my top five schools. I'm just thinking in the air. Like ASU is right in town and I go to the games all the time. So I haven't decided if I'm taking an official there yet."

In addition to UNC, Kennard is also still considering Miami and Oregon.

UNC's X-factor is star recruiter and defensive line coach John Blake.

"I don't know much about UNC besides the fact that I really like Coach Blake," Kennard said. "I feel he's done wonders over there on the D-line with his coaching style. Besides that, I really don't know much about anything else with North Carolina at all.

"There's definitely an opportunity [for UNC to get an official visit]. It just depends. It's not just ‘Do I want to take an official there.' If I decide that's not a place that I'm going to want to go to school and there are other places where I definitely could see myself at, then I have to do what I have to do."

Kennard speaks to Blake regularly throughout the week.

"[He talks about] mostly just the whole situation," Kennard said. "What kind of player he thinks I can be and just pretty much he wants to get his hands on me and be able to coach me. He gives me overall advice. He's a great guy and has a lot of knowledge."

It's been hard for Kennard to focus much on recruiting. His thoughts have been monopolized by his season-ending knee injury that he sustained Friday night in a 21-20 victory over Chandler (Ariz.).

"Obviously, it sucks," Kennard said. "It's the last thing I'd want to happen. But I'm definitely taking everything in stride."

Kennard tore his ACL and meniscus while playing tailback late in the game.

"I was on offense and I ran a toss," Kennard said. "A corner came down and hit me on my knee. At first I was thinking – and hoping – it was just a bruise. But [MRI results] came back and I tore it."

A date for Kennard's surgery has yet to be scheduled. However, he says there's a good chance he's going to have the surgery next week.

"I'm looking at between February and April being 100-percent and ready to train 100-percent and get ready for college," Kennard said.

Kennard isn't sure when he'll begin to schedule or take official visits. He also doesn't have a timetable for a verbal commitment.

"Maybe [my commitment] will come sooner, because I am out now so I can pay more attention to the recruiting process," Kennard said. "I'm just really worried about taking care of my knee first."

Come decision time – whenever that is – Kennard will be weighing all factors.

"There's no certain thing in particular," Kennard said. "I'm looking at the whole pie, because when I go to a place, all of those things are going to play a factor so why would I only look at certain things? At this point, I'm definitely looking at every feature of a college."

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