UNC-Ilinois: Self Press Conference

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – Illinois basketball coach Bill Self was thrilled with his team's 92-65 rout of North Carolina at Assembly Hall on Tuesday night. But he also warned the fans to temper their enthusiasm.

Here is what Self had to say after his team improved to 4-0.

On if he ever imagined his team could beat UNC by 27 points

It wasn't a 27-point game. But we played well. They got us on a night where we were pretty good and we got them on a night where they didn't play as well as they played prior. But hopefully we had something to do with that.

On the hi-low game plan coming in

That's in our game plan every game. But we don't have a heavy guy in the post so it's much harder to seal and get some stuff done. They're really quick, but other than Sean (May) they're not real heavy unlike some of our guys, so we were trying to post deep and trying to catch them in the hi-low.

On not being tested yet, unlike UNC, but making the key plays late

I thought we played well. But the advantage they had over us is that they were more battle tested than us. The advantage we had over them is that we didn't have to run our stuff the first three games. We were a tougher scout, where they had to run their stuff. So we had some advantages there. I'll temper the excitement a little bit knowing that from this point on everybody will have this game film to use to prepare for us with. But we on purpose didn't really run anything against our first three opponents hoping we could win and then do some other stuff tonight.

On executing down the stretch

We did execute down the stretch. When we were milking the clock, without calling timeout to tell them what to do, we kind of played through it and got the possessions that we wanted, which is pretty good for a bunch of young guys that hadn't been put under the fire yet.

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