Brandon Tate Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Senior wide receiver/return specialist Brandon Tate spoke to reporters on Monday afternoon about his season-ending ACL and MCL injuries to his right knee.

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How are you doing?

"I'm doing fine. On Saturday I was real heartbroken about it, but the coaches have talked to me and I've been praying about it, so I'm feeling good about the situation. ... I've already thought about all that and I'm just looking forward to my bright future because the best has yet to come."

You seem real upbeat - your teammates seem more upset than you ...

"My teammates are more upset, but I told, 'I'll be all right, you all shouldn't worry about me, you all have business to take care of. We still have a long season ahead of us, so just look at it as a minor setback and everybody still focus on our big goals.'"

Can you take us through the play where the injury happened?

"When I caught the punt, I made a quick move to the left and when I was going to the right at the last second I saw a gold helmet coming and hitting my leg, so I jumped back at the last second to take some of the sting off it. He still get me pretty good and when I got up I thought it'd be a bruise or something. I walked off the field to the locker room and then I got the MRI yesterday that I tore my ACL and MCL."

What's your family said?

"They were real heartbroken, but we've been praying about it. It could have been a lot worse - at least I get to come back and play football again whenever I get my knee right. They took it hard at first, but everybody's got their heads up about it and am looking forward to my future."

What's the rehab process going to be like?

"They said it's going to be a lot of hard work and it'll be up to me how hard I train will [determine] how fast I come back. I told the trainers, 'You don't have to worry about me, I'll be here 2-3 times per week to get back as fast as possible.'"

Who will step in to fill your role?

"A lot of people will have to step up and do things they aren't used to be doing. But we've got playmakers all around and it'll be just somebody else's turn to step up. Whoever [Coach Davis] calls, I'm sure they'll do a great job. ... We've got playmakers on the roster, you'll see it Saturday at Virginia."

What kind of role will you have with this team now?

"Just cheering my guys on. Whether it's being at home on TV or on the sidelines, I'll be cheering them on to keep them motivated."

You've finished your college career setting so many records, what's the next goal for you?

"My next personal goal is to get to the NFL. I've been striving for that since Day 1. I'm just going to go into rehab, work harder than I ever have before, because this is it for me to try to get to the NFL."

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