UNC-UVa: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, Shaun Draughn, Mark Paschal, Cam Sexton and Deunta Williams, who spoke to the media following the 16-13 overtime loss to Virginia on Saturday.

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Opening Statement:
"I'll tell you exactly what I told the team when we got to the locker room ¬ that Virginia made the plays they needed to make to win the game. I have to give them credit for that. We missed some opportunities during the course of the game and in almost every football game I've ever been in, when you don't take advantage of field position and don't take advantage of opportunities, it almost always comes back to haunt you.

"Defensively we played about as well as we could probably play in the first half. Defense had a good grasp of what they were trying to do. We were having some success running the football, making a few plays, but we didn't capitalize on the field position opportunities and score as many points.

"We made some mistakes in substitutions and formations that really hurt us, trying to shuttle as many different people in trying to replace Brandon Tate and that's no excuse. Brandon not being here has nothing to do with us not winning this football game. We weren't as sharp and crisp as we needed to be.

"We put together one little drive late in the ballgame when Casey [Barth] kicked a field goal and put us up 10-3 and probably the biggest nemesis of the ballgame from the defensive perspective is the number of third downs and probably third-and-one situations that they were able to convert and that was probably the story of the whole game."

On UNC's defense:
"We had some problems, as I said, on some third down situations where we just didn't make the plays we needed to make."

On turnovers:
"I look at where drives start and where drives end. Too many of our drives ended in 4th and 3 at about the 40-yard line and having to punt and trying to dive inside the five. You're one first down away from being in four-down territory and four-down territory probably gives you the chance that some of those drives maybe end in field goals.

"And every time you don't take advantage of really good field position by capitalizing on it, by scoring touchdowns, which you'd like to do, or putting yourself in the position to kick field goals, it'll come back to haunt you. I've seen it way too many times."

On Virginia's tactics:
"It was a chess match. They have an awful lot of defensive schemes. They have blitzes ¬ they probably showed three or four different run blitzes today that we had not seen out of them. But I mean it's something you've got to adjust to. Every time they try to put a fire out, you've got to do something to try to restart the fire."

On North Carolina's tactic on Virginia's last drive:
"We were trying to get to the quarterback, trying to pressure him, trying to be in the right place. Again, we had chances, we probably had at least one or two or maybe even three opportunities for interceptions ourselves but we just missed the ball and those balls have gone to us in the previous six ball games and today they didn't go to us."

On Bruce Carter's blocked field goal:
"He's a terrific football player. He's extraordinarily physically gifted and he spills his guts on the field. He leaves everything out there."


On what Virginia did after the opening drive to slow him down:
"They just did a good job of adjusting. They've got scholarships just like we do. They've got good players. Hats off to them."

On Coach Davis' message in the locker room:
"We win as a team and lose as a team. There were things we did that we could have done better. And there were that we didn't do that we should have been. We just didn't capitalize on a lot of opportunities that we had."


On the loss:
"It's [darn] heart-breaking. It's frustrating for me as a senior. One of my goals was to be able to win up here. That's no longer going to happen."

On the prevent defense:
"It's been working so well this entire season. But today it was just one of those things where they made plays. They had a good scheme. They knew how to pick us apart. That quarterback has come along ways – give that kid credit. He hung in there and was tough and made some big plays when they needed some big throws."


On his performance:
"I haven't turned the ball over much this year, and then today with those two turnovers, that's just costly. You can't do that and win football games. And to be honest with you, I feel terrible right now. I feel like I let down our fans, the state of North Carolina. I feel like I let down the university, and I feel like I let down my teammates pretty good today.

"That bothers me a lot. They've always been there for me, so I feel like they deserve better from me. And I can promise you one thing – this week they are going to get an unbelievable effort from me. And I'm not going to leave that football center – not for a minute."


On the defense:
"It just kind of shows that us that our defense has a lot to improve on. I think that we were dominating for the most part and we really should have answered up at the end and stopped them. It was the same plays basically."

On the final drive:
"In Cover 2 sometimes the weak spot is the corner ball. It's a combination of the safety getting over top and the corner getting enough depth. So that's one weakness in Cover 2, especially how we run it. They were just able to capitalize on our mistakes in soft coverage."

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