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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, Cameron Sexton, Shaun Draughn and E.J. Wilson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare for No. 23 Boston College on Saturday.

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Butch Davis


Opening remarks:
"We had a good meeting yesterday with the players looking at the film. Obviously, it's kind of the bounce back situation. I think our players are healthy enough mentally to be able to absorb looking at it, realizing the missed opportunities and the things that we didn't do as well as we would have liked to have done. And I think that the practice that we had yesterday, they were excited to kind of get back on the field and get prepared. This is a very, very talented and a very good Boston College football team…

"We were disappointed, both as coaches and players, at some of the things defensively that were so uncharacteristic of the way that we had played previously – about not jumping shallow, underneath crossing routes. Just the fundamental things. If we go back and worry about ourselves and take care of what we're supposed to do, we'll play well."

On how he approaches the players after a tough loss:
"I think honesty with the players is the best thing. We never sugarcoat things, and we tell them when we make mistakes, because we've made mistakes. We do every single week. Coaches – we're not immune to doing anything wrong. When we accept ownership for the things that we didn't practice enough of the right things to get them prepared right, we tell them. And they've got to take the ownership themselves when they didn't execute or perform something right. We're all in this thing together."

On the last offensive possession on regulation:
"That was one of the real regrettable things in that ball game, having to burn some timeouts. Just because we could see and anticipate right prior to the snap… We gave them up to 3-4-5-6 seconds before the snap to see if they could fix it themselves, and you're screaming on the sidelines, ‘Get on the line! Get off the line! Do this, that and the other.' And if they can't fix it, then you can't run a play and take the 5-yard loss. So we burned some timeouts that we certainly would have liked to have had. It was not very good clock management on my part."

On how the team was during film review on Sunday:
"I think hungry. We did something different that we haven't done in two years. Usually I address the team at the very beginning and then we show special teams and then the offense and the defense. This time we did something different. We showed the tape, so that what I had to say would be a little bit more visually impactful. That they would have seen the tape, instead of me telling them. This way the position coaches and coordinators could kind of go through the game, make the corrections and stuff and then what I had to say would probably register a little bit more."

On the ACC having so many odd games:
"It shows the competitiveness of this conference. You could watch Wake Forest a couple of weeks ago and the way that they just totally dismantled Clemson, and you'd say, ‘Man, that's a really, really good football team.' And you can see some of these other teams and the way that they play."


On not capitalizing against UVa:
"There was a ton of missed opportunities. The big thing is the turnovers, which we have got to eliminate. Obviously, we have to limit the turnovers and another big thing is the third-and-shorts that we did not convert. We are going to go back and get those."

On Little's move to wide receiver:
"Greg did a good job getting ready last week. It is a tough thing to ask a kid to do, switching from running back picking up all those blitzes to moving back out to wide receiver and learning all the blocking assignments. I think once Greg gets the receiver rust knocked off, after another week of practice, he will be able to freely play again. He is a great athlete and a good playmaker, and we need him to be that for us."


On the UVa loss:
"I was devastated and hurt. I feel like I left everything out on the field and still came up with a loss. I know the team is hurt. We as a team used the excuse that we were young last year. I feel like we as a team have faced adversity before and we can get over it, just like we did after Virginia Tech."

On his new role as starting running back:
"Our coaches moved Greg [Little] to receiver, so Ryan [Houston] and I are splitting the reps in practice. That helps our depth more so in the game than anything, just getting the chemistry with the offensive line is the most important thing."


On last defensive stand against UVa in regulation:
"There was a lot of confusion in the coverage. We were pretty much in a certain defense the whole game, so they found holes in the defense and picked them apart. There was a lot of confusion with everyone out on the field. We can not blame it on one particular group, but if we got more pressure on the quarterback it would have helped our secondary. I think we just got a little too comfortable with ourselves down the stretch."

If you had a major health concern, like a brain tumor, would you still be playing football?
"I probably would. I've had my share of bumps and bruises. Before I actually got to middle school, I had been hit by a car and had my head busted open with a baseball bat and had two surgeries, so I've been through it myself."

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