Wednesday Butch Davis Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Butch Davis spoke with reporters Wednesday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"It was good to get back to practice [on Tuesday]. I think our players are certainly excited about the opportunity that this game presents. Watching Boston College tape for the last 48 hours or so in preparation, they are playing very, very good.

"We didn't get an opportunity to play them last year, and didn't really see much of them on film, and it's very impressive what Jeff Jagodzinski and his staff have been able to do. They've got some very good football players, especially [considering] that their defense is one of the bigger and more physical defenses that we're going to play against. They've got two massive defensive tackles that have been impressive, [Ron] Brace and [B.J.] Raji -- they look like NFL players. And they have an active secondary.

"Probably the most impressive parts about their football team has been the performance of Chris Crane. Obviously, when you lose a guy like Matt Ryan, who was just a great player and a first-round draft choice, this young man with limited playing experience, probably, has just come in and really done a good job of getting the ball into the hands of guys that make plays. Not only can he throw the ball, but he's versatile enough to run and give you problems in the running game. So it will be a big challenge for our football team."

Is it surprising that Boston College has been this successful with as much attrition as they faced?
"They had seven starters back on defense off a very good football team. And obviously, they had to replace some people, but I think Boston College is somewhat living proof of the consistency of a program. When Tom [O'Brien] was there, and certainly with Jeff last year, I guess they've been to eight bowl games in the last ten years. So with that kind of success during your season and certainly postseason-wise is going to [allow] you to continue to recruit so that you're actually not starting at ground zero. That you're going to be able to have a wealth of depth and talent and guys are just waiting in the wings.

"There's a difference in rebuilding a program and reloading a program. That's where you see the teams like Ohio State, Southern California and Texas – even though they may 8-10-12 kids graduate that were starters, they've got a pretty significant amount of guys that are talented players that are just waiting for their chance to get into the game."

On how this team needs to improve from Saturday's loss to Virginia:
"Clearly, we've got to be smarter with the football. The one overwhelmingly deciding factor in the game was the three turnovers and not creating any turnovers defensively. We've got to be smart with the ball, and we've got to take care of the football. In some respects, with the exception of the fact that we blocked a field goal and tipped an extra point, pretty much, specials teams was a wash. And this is a good challenge, because Boston College accomplished something the other night that very few teams [have done] – they actually beat Virginia Tech in special teams.

On Greg Little's move to wide receiver:
"I think he's going to be a phenomenal receiver. Greg is clearly one of the half-dozen best athletes on this football team. We all got very excited about what he did in those last two ball games as a running back last year, and that speaks to just his overall athleticism that he was able to the transition from being a wide receiver and in a short amount of time going in and having some success.

"He needs to touch the football. He needs to be a guy that can do those types of things where he gets his hands on the football. We saw it against South Carolina [and] we saw it when he played wide receiver. That's where, long-term wise, if he's going to play and have a career after UNC, he's clearly going to be a marquee type of guy that can play wide receiver. Right now, with Brandon Tate gone, it necessitates the opportunity to get one of the better athletes on the field…

"Greg is a good enough kid and he puts the team first, that when we asked him to go to running back and when we asked him to be the running back at the start of the season and then when we asked him to move back to wide receiver last week – this isn't about life after UNC. This is about how to help this football team in 2008 be the best team that we can. And certainly, moving forward, he wants to just have a great career while he's in college. The NFL will take care of itself."

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