Kendall Marshall's Journal - Oct. '08

Future Tar Heel Kendall Marshall, a 6-3 junior point guard at Arlington (Va.) Bishop O'Connell, keeps Tar Heel fans updated on his path to Chapel Hill with regular journal entries at

Marshall has returned home from a weekend in Chapel Hill and is preparing for the start of his junior season.



I got in about six o'clock on Friday night. Once we got in we went straight down to the practice gym and caught about the last 35 minutes of practice. It was good for me to see what they do. When I see them go through practice I'm able to get a better idea of what is going to be expected of me. After the practice we went back to the player's lounge and locker room while the team was getting ready to do their stuff. Basically all of the committed recruits were hanging out just chilling and talking. It was fun because you are with your future team while the current one is ready to go. We're all from different parts of the country and can't always be together so it's good to get together and talk about reaching our goal of a national championship.

They brought us out right after the women's team finished playing and going through their skits. It's a great feeling once you walk in there and see all those people. You realize that you are going to be playing with these people on your side for four years and it brings a smile across your face. Then when you look across to the student section and you see all of the people with your number on t-shirts and stuff like that it's great.

Leslie McDonald and I were actually talking about it. You sit there and every time the crowd goes crazy you get a chill through your spine. Even when you know it's coming you still get that feeling and you cherish it every time.

My favorite part is always watching the freshmen and how they perform. They are rookies to the Late Night thing and watching them come out of their shell and seeing how they react is great.

I pretty much watch the scrimmage to enjoy it. Going there and playing with them the other times before the season starts you get a good feel for them and how they play. Late Night they are going tout there to basically have a good time and not get hurt.

I think this going to be a year to remember for the Carolina basketball program. I'm not going to sit here and, knock on wood, say they win a national championship. But, I'm sure that they are going to have a great year. At a place like North Carolina you have a different spotlight on you and you could do something like lose just three games and some people might not think it was successful even though it was. Still, I think it's going to be a great year for North Carolina and I'm sure they are going to do great things."

It was a lot of fun. Just being at the University of North Carolina. It's like a little tease of what to look forward to and I always appreciate it because it gives me an idea of what I need to work on.


We start practice on Nov. 8th, so we've got a few weeks until we get on the floor. We've got a couple of big scrimmages set up with Roman Catholic out of Philly and Mount St. Joe's out of Baltimore. We scrimmage them every year which is good to play against them. St. Francis with Terrell Vinson (Villanova commitment), we get to scrimmage against them and Martinsburg from West Virginia. We usually have about three scrimmages a year so this year it's just the one extra scrimmage.

A lot of burden is being put on me with Jason Clark graduated given that he was All-Met and Player of the Year. I'm really looking to take on a lot of responsibility and step up to the plate as a leader. I'm looking to lead my team not just offensively, but defensively as well. I want to get out there and do it with my actions just as much as anything else.

The last time I was fully healthy was right before AAU nationals, which was late July/early August. It feels good to be back to where I was and doing the things I was before the injury and some of them even better.

I'm fully healthy now and I've just been focusing on my books and getting the schoolwork down. I'm also focusing on working out and getting ready for the high school. The classes I'm talking are Spanish 3, Analysis honors, Physics honors. It's a very difficult class load. I started off a little slow, but now I'm getting into it and really starting to get cracking. I just want to try and prepare myself for college. College is a lot different and you have to be more independent and you are on your own with your studying. I'm just pushing myself now to develop those study habits.

-- Kendall

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