Butch Davis Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Butch Davis said on his radio program Wednesday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On being bowl eligible:
"We've got a lot of unfinished business. We've talked to the players, and at the beginning of the season, six was never the magic number. We're going to stick to our guns. We talked about playing every week one game at a time and being as well-prepared for Georgia Tech as we possibly can. We want to finish this season strongly. We want to continue to get better as a team, and hopefully, whatever the game is, whether it's Game 13 or Game 14, we want it to be the best game of the season."

I have N.C. State and Virginia Tech co-workers that tell me every day that I'm going to lose my football coach at the end of the season –
"Tell them no. Tell them to take a break… I tell you what – for all the people that came to the game last week, I wish you could have had 20 seconds in that locker room when that game was over with and watched those players. They loved every minute of that performance and they really do. And I promise you that every coach and every player on our staff appreciates everybody that comes to those games and they cheer and they yell and they scream. And I'm going to tell you what – we're creating something really special at Kenan Stadium."

Injury report:
"In the grand scheme of things, in some respects, we've got to be pretty fortunate. We've gone through 11 weeks, and we've lost Devon Ramsay for the year because of a shoulder injury a couple of weeks ago. Anthony Elzy did fracture his scapula and it's going to be a six-week injury, which means that we're going to have to play after the regular season for him to get a chance to play again.

"The other news, and the positive part of it, is that T.J. Yates did return to practice this week on a very limited basis. He was able to go out and participate in some of the individual drills. He was able to do some of the individual routes, throwing with some of the tight ends and the wide receivers and the running backs.

"He's not able to be in any kind of a team situation where unfortunately, someone could trip and fall and step on him or roll him up or accidentally get into his foot. And it will be a week-by-week process. We'll see if he gets any kind of set back due to swelling or anything, and then next Monday they'll up him to maybe being able to do a little bit more. He still hasn't scrambled or run [and] he still hasn't been able to take a hit.

"And then Zack Pianalto is back to running, maybe, I'd love to be optimistic and say 75 percent – somewhere in that neighborhood. He's actually cutting and everything, so as that progresses, we'll see where next week takes us."

On the quarterback rotation when Yates returns:
"If things stay exactly the way they are, Cam [Sexton] is going to continue to start. He's the hot guy. There's no guarantee right now that T.J., when he comes back… And let's be honest, he may not make it back before the end of the season. We're optimistic and we hope he does. I hope that it gives us two good quarterbacks that our team believes in that can win. Cam has played extraordinarily well. The performances that he's had, and he's run the offense very well, he's been highly efficient and he'll certainly continue to be the guy for the time being."

On the players congratulating each other on the field:
"This coaching staff loves these players more than you can ever imagine, and we value their effort. These kids are making an enormous sacrifice. It's not easy to be good. It really isn't. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and preparation. I am so proud of the things that they do behind the scenes that help us win football games. And we enjoy being around them. "

We tried to create an atmosphere in our building to where there's no fear of failure. That they love coming in that building and they know that win or lose, maybe they didn't play as well or have as good of a practice on an individual basis or as a team, but we're still in this all together. I think it manifests itself when you watch these kids play. They play for each other, the trust each other, they believe in each other and they love what they're doing. And all that's going to do is continue to grow in the years to come."

'Butch Davis Live' airs Wednesday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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