Nation's Top Wideout Considering UNC

Despite his pledge to West Virginia, five-star prospect Logan Heastie has begun to look into North Carolina.

"I am looking at [UNC] but as far as commitment-wise, I'm still committed to West Virginia," Heastie said. "It's between North Carolina and West Virginia. No other schools are in it."

Heastie, a 6-foot-3, 185-pound wide receiver from Chesapeake (Va.) Great Bridge, verbally committed to West Virginia in mid-March. However, he became concerned when good friend Tajh Boyd de-committed from the Mountaineers.

"When Tajh de-committed and West Virginia really didn't have a quarterback, that is what really sparked it," Heastie said. "When he de-committed, it put us in kind of a bind. I was relying on him to be a quarterback for four years.

"They're recruiting [quarterbacks], but it might be a little bit too late. I guess we have to see where it goes."

Heastie plans to graduate in December and enroll at the school of his choice in January. Thus, he needs to finalize his decision by mid-December.

"Basically, what I'm going to do is lay low until my [football] season is over," Heastie said. "Then when our season is over, I'm going to take another visit to West Virginia and I'm going to take a visit to North Carolina just to reinsure where I want to go."

Heastie officially visited West Virginia in late September, thus any future visits to the campus would have to be unofficial. However, his next visit to UNC could be of the official variety.

Emphatically, Heastie declares he's only considering UNC and West Virginia.

Heastie says location and the pro-style offense attracted him to UNC, though he notes that he hasn't had recent contact with UNC's coaching staff.

Last weekend, Heastie and his father unofficially visited UNC to watch the ACC contest with Boston College.

"Actually, we didn't go in there and talk to the coaches," said Heastie, who also attended a game at UNC last year. "We went to just watch. I didn't talk to any coaches or anything like that." Saturday's offensive output compensated for the weather-influenced turnout.

"Unfortunately it was a rainy day, so there were a lot of people there, but there weren't that many people," Heastie said. "I guess where they said I would be playing the wide receiver scored four times. That was pretty good."

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