Nick Cangelosi talks about official visit

Nick Cangelosi, a top high school quarterback and a UNC verbal commitment talks about his weekend visit and how he and other recruits responded to it. The power was out in the Triangle, but the recruiting weekend was high energy.

IC spoke with NJ QB prospect Nick Cangelosi following his official visit to Chapel Hill.

IC: Nick, how was the visit?

Nick: It was incredible. It solidified even more why I chose Carolina.

IC: Tell us about what you did.

Nick: Well, the weather had knocked out some power around town but I was really impressed with everyone's willingness to take time out to talk with us. Some of the academic counselors were without power at their houses and yet they took time out to share about Carolina. Saturday, we went to the Kentucky game and even though they lost it was great to see how Carolina fans really support athletics at UNC. We stayed two nights at the Carolina Inn and they treated us great. We ate up in the box at the stadium. They fed us steak and lobster that was really great.

IC: Did you get a chance to spend more time with the coaches?

Nick: That was great. I had never really had time before to spend with Coach Tranquill but he sat down with me and talked about the QB position at Carolina. It was cool because he took the Clemson game and talked about how they would break down coverage schemes of each team before the upcoming game. He knows so much and I really enjoyed it.

IC: Did Joey enjoy his visit as well?

Nick: He had an awesome time as well. Elijah Robinson who came down with us had a great time as well. Melik Brown from New Jersey was there as well. Coach Bunting is scheduled to be in NJ on Thursday as the featured speaker at the All South Jersey Banquet.

IC: Who gets to go to the banquet?

Nick: The 11 top offensive and defensive players in South Jersey.

IC: Who else will be there?

Nick; Joey Kedra and me will be representing our school. Some other guys like Turk McBride from Woodrow Wilson HS will be there as well.

IC: Did you get a chance to talk to any of the other recruits?

Nick: I spoke with Mike Mason and Adarius Bowman as well as Sheldon Bynum and as well as Donnell Livingston.

IC: Did any of them talk about committing or that Carolina was their leader as a result of the visit?

Nick: Both Bynum and Livingston were really excited about their visit and they said that they were going to decide soon.

IC: Would you think that Carolina would be their leader at this point?

Nick: Yes, I believe so. I am not sure if either committed over the weekend or not though.


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