Wednesday Butch Davis Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Butch Davis spoke with reporters Wednesday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"This is a very, very good Georgia Tech football team. They've had some very impressive wins. Certainly they played well in a big win over Florida State this past weekend where all three phases of their football team played well. Their defense is very talented. Their front seven may be as good a front seven as we've played against. Their secondary is very opportunistic. They've created an awful lot of turnovers with interceptions…

"Certainly, offensively, the scheme they're using is big challenge to try to get ready for. You can draw it up on cards and you can have your scout team players try to execute it and run it, and at least in slow motion, it somewhat resembles what Georgia Tech does. But by now stretch of the imagination can you replicate the speed and the efficiency in which they do it. Our players are working very hard to really get the ideas and the concepts and the rules down in what they're doing. It's a big game this Saturday, so our kids are excited about playing and hopefully we'll play well."

On T.J. Yates:
"He's making some progress. He was able to a little bit of some team stuff yesterday, but he's still very limited in the team aspect of what he can do. We're trying to err on the side of caution, and not put him in situations where there are lots of blitzes, or lots of stunts, or lots of people that could potentially trip and fall and be at his feet. So every day that he practices that he makes it to the next day and says, ‘Well, I made it through that day,' then I think you're able to give him a little bit more in terms of number of reps or drills…

"He would be clearly a Saturday game time decision based on what transpires during the course of this week, whether or not he would even be available as a No. 2 or No. 3."

On his ability to gain his players' trust:
"When you're building a program, there are several important [aspects], and certainly that's one of them. You can't diminish or prioritize any of them, because I think having great assistant coaches is extremely important. You need other ambassadors to meet with players, recruit players, talking to the players and carrying the same messages with the same rallying and battles cries every single week about what defines us as a football program.

"And certainly, the quicker and the faster that players that you inherit buy into the new ways that you're doing things, that certainly gives you a chance to expedite it. And with recruiting every year, like the NFL where you may have guys play for you for 6-8-10-12 years, you know you're going to lose 25 percent basically of your football team every single year through graduation. So you're always having to bring new players in and they have to assimilate into the program. So there are a lot of things. But certainly, the willingness of our players to do what it takes to put you in a position to win is extraordinarily important."

On Georgia Tech's play this season:
"Paul Johnson's done a great job… To go in there and totally and dramatically change the scheme from Chan Gailey's offense to the offense that he believes in and that he runs and to have the success that they're having, that is just an outstanding coaching job."

On Georgia Tech's offense:
"Even the teams that run what is commonly called the spread or the read-option offenses is totally different than this. This is obviously a mid-lined, major running threat inside with the fullback. It has all of the elements of every triple option. You've got a threat at quarterback to run the football, and you've got a threat of the quarterback reading the run and pitching the ball on the perimeter to get an outside run. And you've got all of the play action…

"They'll try to give you doubles and trips and different formations, but the unpredictability of them going to the double set or to the trip set or going away from it, it really taxes you defensively."

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