UNC-GT: Postgame Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, Hakeem Nicks, Mark Paschal, Cam Thomas and Dwight Jones, who spoke to the media following the 28-7 victory over No. 20 Georgia Tech on Saturday.

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Opening Statement
"Obviously we were thrilled to win the game. This is the first time our football team has played an offense like Georgia Tech, and trust me before the game, you have no idea (what could happen). There is a lot of anxiety among the coaching staff and the players. Did we prepare enough? Were we able to execute well enough to give our kids a reasonable fighting chance to get into the flow of the game? As I said throughout last week and this week, the buzz words were assignment football and with the exception of one big, long run near the end of the ball game I was very, very pleased with our defense. There are some unsung heroes. The defensive line probably won't get credited with very many tackles but their ability to gobble up blocks and hold the line of scrimmage and to be consistent and not jump off the fullback and make some plays was a big key to it. The discipline of our linebackers and secondary guys was really good.

"We talked last night in our team meeting that we knew that they were going to go for it quite a bit between the 40 (yard lines). It becomes a four down game. Two fourth-down stops were huge. It's almost like a turnover. That's just like getting a fumble or an interception because it's going to come at a good field position for us. We talked offensively all week long that we need to be able to run the football. We needed to have some time of possession. You need to be able to give your defense some time to rest.

"One of the biggest factors I have to believe was the kicking game. We really played well special teams-wise. Terrence Brown was terrific, as was Brooks Foster, Cooter Arnold and Johnny White as the gunners. We were able to continually try to keep them on a long field. They are not a football team that you want to play and give them great field position. You do not want to give them 50 yards away from the goal line because they are going to make a lot of first downs.

"I thought Shaun Draughn and Ryan Houston were equally effective and a big part of the game being able to run the football, move the chains, make some first downs, punish the defense a little bit and punch it in."

On the keys to running the ball well:
Certainly the running backs are part of it, but the offensive line, Richard Quinn, Bobby Rome the fullback - you've got to give them certainly some credit. I think (Georgia Tech) having some respect for the passing game was part of it. That's where we grow this football team. If you can be really balanced ... some weeks you have to throw the ball against Boston College for 300 yards, some weeks you may have to pound the rock a little bit, but you want to be able to have both of those at your beck and call."

On the first possession:
"I thought that Cam made a great throw on the fade route and Brooks made just a phenomenal catch. Cam threaded the needle just before the safety could get there, that was a critical play to be able to dig yourself out of a big hole. Scoring early and getting a big lead it's never going to take Georgia Tech out of that offense. It really gives you a chance to play with house money."

On Hakeem Nicks:
"He is one of the best, big stage players I've ever been around. He loves to compete. He loves to play. What the fans and the media sees on Saturday is just a minor glimpse into what we see during the week. Every single day during practice, he runs his routes like that, he makes circus catches. He's a great leader."

On wearing dark blue:
"At this school, we will always be Carolina blue. There will never be a question about the color of the uniforms. Maybe once a year we'll have a little bit of diversity. The recruits love it, the players love it, it probably makes Nike happy."


On the running game being the strength of the offense in this game:
"We just focused on the running game a lot this week, and Ryan and Shaun did a great job. So my main focus coming into this game was making sure I got my blocks downfield."

On being one of the best wide receivers in Carolina history:
"I mean it makes me feel good, but I want to remain humble and hopefully keep doing what I do out there."

On hearing that he got the UNC career receiving yards record:
"It was a great feeling and like I said before, there wasn't a better way than doing it in front of my home crowd. I felt the love and support from my fans."


On the 7-2 record:
"The guys in the locker room believed we could do it, but not many people believed we'd be 7-2. But we're not done. We've got three games left against good opponents and we're going to have to prepare the same way we do every week and make the most out of the situation."

On believing in his team's ability to have this record:
"I sure did. Ever since Coach Davis was here, I knew he had the right direction. He had the playbook to win. He knew exactly what he took. Everyone has been buying into what he's been saying the last two years - and what a difference a year makes."


On the challenge that Georgia Tech's offense presented:
"For the tackles, we're used to attacking, but this week we couldn't attack as much, because if you try to attack, they'll cut you - every play they were cutting."

On his impact on the game:
"I'm just out there having fun. I was used to clogging up stuff, make stuff bouncing outside while everyone else made plays. But I want to make plays, too - I guess it was my turn."


On getting his first game action:
"Coach told me to get ready, and it was an incredible feeling to step out onto the field for the first time ... It's just a blessing to be here. I don't really care about playing, I'm just sitting back here and learning from the veterans."

Was there a point in the season you thought might not get in this year?:
"Yeah, when I first came here I was last on the depth chart. I was just trying to get better on the scout team, coming in here fresh."

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