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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Butch Davis, Marvin Austin, Cameron Sexton and Ryan Houston, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare for a road trip to Maryland on Saturday.

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Opening remarks:
"New week, different set of challenges. And this is certainly a different challenge for our defense in getting ready for Maryland's offense in that the wishbone, speed bone, flex bone stuff – thank God we don't have to see that for a while. But our players yesterday, and I made mention of this, the nature of the game that we played Saturday was extraordinarily physical. They ran the ball a lot, and we ran the ball a lot.

"So it was a very physical ball game, and we felt like it was in our best interest to watch the film, grade the film, correct the mistakes, move on and kind of introduce Maryland, at least from the standpoint on video tape. Instead of going out and going through a 15-20 minute practice, we thought it would be better for them to just watch more video. Guys will get treatment and all that kind of stuff today, and we'll get back to work on Tuesday.

"But there's some things that we've got to get better at. As well as Terrence Brown punted the football and as well as we covered, we've got to shore up and do a little bit better job on some of our protection aspects. When your kicker is kicking as well as Terrence did, sometimes you have the tendency to let a few things slide, so that's one of the areas that we've really got to get concerned with this week."

On T.J. Yates' return:
"It was certainly good for T.J., and it was good for the football team. We were a little bit unsure as the week went along, because you never really knew. Would he come in one day and his ankle be sore or stiff or swollen? He handled what we asked him to do last week. I think our medical people did a phenomenal job.

"The trainers with the treatment and the timeline, and us not pushing him and trying to ask more of him during the open date… I think we brought him along slowly and I think it's good and it's good for our football team. Any time that you can continue to add good players to the roster makes you a better team."

On Bruce Carter nearly running down Jonathan Dwyer on his long touchdown run:
"He had a good angle… He runs fast. He runs very, very fast. I didn't look at it in the context of who he outran or anything, I just know that he gave great effort to try to pursue the guy."


On returning to home to play against Maryland:
"It is very exciting... I get to go back and a lot of people in my family, and around the area want to see me play in person. A lot of them have not had that opportunity, so it is going to be a pretty special game."

On containing Georgia Tech's offense:
"I would say it was a big step for our defense because we became more disciplined as a team. It just shows guys going out there and giving their all for their teammates, so I think it brought us closer as team and helped us a lot as a defense."


On Houston's first touchdown run over rover Morgan Burnett:
"I put my hands up, because I knew he wasn't going to be denied. He's such a big guy, but his feet are so smooth and he makes cuts really well. When he needs those yards, it's just his mentality – it's one of those 'it' things."

On the ground game:
"It is a credit to our guys up front and I think we were more physical than they were. I think we did a great job up front with our front five. I think Ryan [Houston] has a demeanor and attitude that he can not be denied. They know what we are going to do when he comes in the game and he is still able to get those yards."

On the national ranking:
"We obviously want it to happen and we set goals for the team to have a high level of success. The biggest thing for us as a football program and we talk about it all the time, is just to take the games one at a time. We expect to win and play well. We do not worry about the rankings, but absolutely we expect to be here."


On his improvement this season:
"I feel like the weight loss has helped me tremendously in terms of vision and cuts. I weighed in at 273 last year and currently I am 241. Last year, I could see the hole but I could not really get there at my weight. I feel like I am more explosive and can make people miss."

On the ground game:
"As soon as T.J. [Yates] got hurt, [offensive coordinator John] Shoop told all of us that we need to step up in the run game. Everybody is going to know we have a back-up quarterback coming in and they are going to try to make us throw the ball. We took pride in ourselves to make it easier for Cam [Sexton], and run the ball effectively."

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