Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On practices up to this point:
"We've had a good preseason. The kids have worked hard. They've tried to do what we've asked them to do. I think today was practice No. 19, and I've only gone wacko one time. I've only raised my voice two other times, so that means in 16 practices they've done a nice job.

"I would like for us to have a little more sense of urgency on the defensive end of the floor, but it's hard to get someone to have that sense of urgency and to execute it exactly how you want them to do it until you have taught them. So we've been doing is that we've been teaching. If I'm sitting here and still saying the same thing a month from now, that we're still not doing what we supposed to be doing in 44 out of bounds, then it's the players' fault. But right now, I think very much so that it's a teaching scenario with us, and I've been pleased the way guys have been doing."

On Justin Watts:
"He's better than we thought he was going to be. He banged his knee up a little bit on Friday, and that's the reason he didn't play on Saturday, but I think he will be back to practice on [Tuesday]. He's an athletic kid that it's probably going to be difficult for him to get much playing time this year because everybody did come back, and at the same time, there's a good chance that we'll lose a lot of guys – especially when we've got five seniors to start with. So he'll have to come in and be a player for us next year."

On trapping more this season:
"It is one thing that we've on quite a bit in our preseason, to be honest with you, because what we feel we have with this team is depth. We have experienced depth. Our first five, there's probably 5-10 teams in the country that's first five is just as good as ours, but we do feel like we have great depth with our 8th player, 9th player, 10th player. They're probably better than the 8th-9th-10th players from the other teams.

"So we're trying to make sure we get as many possessions as we can, trying to play at a fast tempo, not just on the offensive end of the floor, but trying to gamble and press some and create more possessions on the defensive end of the floor. It's something that we've been working on, and we worked on it some more today and hopefully we'll be able to do a little more of that this season than we have in the past."

Defensive player of the game versus UNC Pembroke:
Well let me just tell you when we announced it after practice today in our meeting, it took the guys a long time to start clapping. And I asked them if it was really because they were that happy or if it was that big of a surprise, but the defensive player of the game was Will Graves. His teammates gave him a big hand after practice today…

"He's playing in stretches. He'll play really well for three or four minutes, and then go out in left field for a while. Then he'll play really well for another three or four minutes. He and I have talked about it and he's got to get more consistency there, but I think his grade was 18 good and three bad."

On who starts at small forward when Marcus Ginyard returns from injury:
"It will probably be about a month before Marcus will be able to play. And at that time, depending on how he does in practice sessions and how our team is going, we'll make a decision as to whether or not we'll put Marcus in the starting lineup or keep whoever is in the starting lineup at that time. I used to say all of the time that you couldn't lose a spot just because you got injured, but doing something at the beginning of the season when you haven't won it…

"What we do as we start out in the preseason is that everybody is even, so you win the job in the preseason. Later on in the year when somebody gets hurt, I usually do try to put them back in. But we'll have to wait and see about Marcus and Danny, if Danny continues to start in his place."

On any surprises in the preseason:
"I don't think there has been a big surprise. The kids that have performed the best were Deon [Thompson], Tyler Zeller and Ty Lawson. I don't think there's been a surprise and that's the reason I didn't label it that way for those three kids. They've just performed very well. Wayne Ellington has really played well on the defensive end of the floor – he's really gotten better. I don't think there has been a surprise, and very seldom does that happen because most of the time, we know pretty much about what we're going to have."

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