UNC-UP: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams and players following Saturday's win over Penn ...



Opening Remarks:

"It was a nice W ... one thing I think you lose with the idea of playing exhibition games is getting the kids in front of a crowd. I thought we were a little tight, more than I wanted us to be. Early in the game I thought every shot we took was a good shot, but we didn't make many of them. Give credit to Penn for their defensive play.

"We haven't worked very much against the zone because we don't play zone ourselves, and when I try to get the Blue Team - four walk-ons and one other guy - to play zone, they don't have the size or expertise to play it...

"We did some nice things and just didn't shoot the ball very well. Wayne Ellington, for example, has just been shooting it fantastic. Yesterday in our dummy offense he made six straight threes, so he's not normally going to go 5-for-15. Didn't shoot the ball as well as we have been shooting - and I think we're going to really be a very, very good shooting team.

"Their style is tough to play against, they spread you and you've got Ed, Tyler and Deon playing guys out there on the floor and they're not used to play out there - Tyler Hansbrough's had more experience and slides his feet better than any other big guy we have, but he wasn't playing. But I loved the way Ed and Tyler Zeller in particular the way they got involved in the game. I look down and see Ed got 14 rebounds, but it's also important for him to not have zero assists and four turnovers. And you look and see Tyler Zeller is 5-for-8 with 18 points, that's really good, but I don't expect him to have zero defensive rebounds. So we've got to get more consistent play out of them ..."

"I got a little frustrated at one point when we turned it over twice in a row and had two shots that weren't the best shots, but like I say, all in all for one of the first times out you've got to be pleased this one went in the correct column."

What'd did you think of Deon Thompson's performance today?

"... I thought he did some nice things. He's really had a good preseason, he and Ty Lawson and Tyler Zeller had the most impressive preseasons. When Deon's shot goes in, it really makes him feel a lot better. He shouldn't just rely on that, but it was really good for him."

Did you feel like you guys maybe lacked the killer instinct today to put them away?

"... It's the first game, we're not going to be perfect. We gained a great deal from playing the scrimmage against Vanderbilt because that was very good competition, but again we had good shots and didn't make them and they made some tough shots ... They have six of their top seven guys back and they are intelligent kids..."



You've been adjusting over a three year period to getting used to playing with Tyler Hansbrough, what was it like for you playing without him?

"For me, I think I had just one rebound at the end of the first half and I've got to think rebound more. That's the biggest thing for our team, because he was the leading rebounder in the ACC and our team, so I've got to rebound the ball more. That's the biggest adjustment, the shots will come and just try to rebound the ball more."

Speaking of rebounding, Ed Davis was all over the boards today. What did you think of him and Tyler Zeller's performance today?

"Tyler was scoring the ball and Ed was rebounding and scoring, so they both stepped in and filled in off the bench very well for us. And that's what we're going to need until Tyler gets back and it'll only make our team stronger when Tyler does come back."

You talked a lot in the preseason that you needed to be more aggressive this year. How'd you grade yourself on that in the opener?

"I'd say maybe a 'B.' I've just got to rebound the ball more and talk more on defense. But that's the biggest thing - rebounding the ball more."



What'd you think of Game 1?

"It was a tough shooting game for all of us and we'd like to do some things defensively a lot better, but it was our first game and we didn't start off so hot last year. You've just got to learn from your mistakes and pick it up."

Defense has been a focus of yours and that showed today ...

"Yeah, that's something I've been emphasizing - make sure I get in the passing lanes, keep my man in front of me and being in the right spot at the right time. Really just trying to be a leader on the defensive end of the floor."



Your first college game - how'd it go?

"It went well. It was definitely nice to get it out of the way, but at the same time all of my teammates do a great job preparing us ..."

Before the game, all the guys are looking up and you're the only one looking down at the floor. Is that your thing?

"I try not to get too overwhelmed. If you look up in the crowd and you've got 20,000 people, you kind of get overwhelmed. Actually, ever since my freshman year in high school I never look up at the crowd before a game - I just try to stay focused on what I have to do in the game and get prepared for that."



How'd it feel for you to get your first game under your belt?

"It felt good just to play with Carolina for my first game in front of a crowd. I was a little tired because I'm a little sick."

What's the transition from high school to college been like for you?

"Mostly just the practices - it's so competitive. In high school you can take off possessions here or there, but here you can't take off one possession. That's the biggest thing."

Can you tell us a little about the situation with your knee?

"It was an old injury that I never knew about. I got an MRI when I got here and found out my meniscus was slightly torn, but that's it ... It doesn't hurt [now], it was just something that was bothering me and I got it looked at."

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