Austin Reflects on UNC Visit

Tavon Austin was in Chapel Hill a couple weekends ago for an in-depth look at the Tar Heel program.

"Everything went well," Austin said. "I met some of the players, I met the head coach – it was a good time."

Originally, Austin's stay was supposed to be an official visit. However, the 5-foot-9, 156-pound athlete switched it to an unofficial visit Friday before his arrival.

"My mom wasn't going to be able to make it this time," Austin said. "I wanted to go on an official while my mother was there."

Austin plans to reschedule his UNC official visit for sometime in December. He is still working on settling on a date with primary recruiter Tommy Thigpen.

In addition to UNC, Austin, who has already taken an official visit to West Virginia, said he is looking to schedule an official visit to Maryland. He could also make an official trip to Michigan.

"I was thinking about Michigan, but I don't really know because it seems like they don't really have any interest in me any more," Austin said. "I might just leave them off."

Although Austin's recent visit to UNC was an unofficial stay, it covered the same amount of time of an official visit. He arrived in Chapel Hill on Friday night after scoring two touchdowns for Baltimore (Md.) Dunbar, and left Sunday afternoon.

Austin found himself to be a fan favorite at Kenan Stadium for the UNC-Georgia Tech game.

"The fans really showed me a lot of love," Austin said. "For the first time, I had a crowd where the fans were screaming my name.

"The game was really kind of slow, because of the type of offense the other team was running… As far as North Carolina, they ran a pro [style]. They told me I'm not going to be able to play running back, I'm going to play slot."

Following the game, Austin spent time with several players and coaches, including an evening out with a group of players including Marvin Austin, a Washington, D.C. native.

"The campus was nice," Austin said. "The whole thing was nice. The players, they took me in like I was already one of them. I look at the players, they were really good people."

Before leaving campus, Austin met with Butch Davis.

"He just told me he had a vision for me playing the slot position," Austin said. "He just told me he's worried about all of his players graduating. He said he's happy that his players play football for him, but the main goal for him is for all of his players to graduate."

Austin had originally wanted to make a verbal commitment relatively soon. However, he has since decided to wait things out until Signing Day.

"I was thinking about [how] I don't really want to make a real quick choice and then not know if I was done as far as my future," Austin said.

"I don't know what type of offense I want to play in – do I want to play in a pro-style offense or the spread offense. That's as far as just football, but I'm starting to look past just football. I'm looking at what's going to benefit me after football. What school is going to help me if I can't get into the pros with the major I'm in? I'm thinking past football, because football is going to be there no matter where I go."

Austin says he is still leaning towards West Virginia.

"West Virginia is still my number one school," Austin said. "When I stepped on West Virginia's campus, I could see myself there. I don't know, I just had that feeling when I went on West Virginia's campus."

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