BB: Monday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Wednesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Danny Green and Deon Thompson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels return to action on Tuesday to host Kentucky at the Smith Center.

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In what areas do you want to see improvement on Tuesday?

"First thing, we didn't shoot the ball very well [Saturday] and we've been a really good shooting team in practice. I think we have good shooters. We had some pretty good looks early that we didn't make and then we did okay the last 12 minutes of the first half and then in the second half we didn't make anything. We rushed them a little bit - second half we took three shots I didn't like and first half we only took one. So we've got to make the good shots and stop taking the bad ones. I think we need to do a better job rebounding the basketball, especially on the offensive end ... and on the defensive end, we need to do a better job in post defense and covering the dribble exchange or dribble hand-off."

What long term payoff do you expect from getting your freshmen big men such significant minutes so early in their careers?

"I've always felt that if you think a guy is going to be a player down the line, it helps for him to play early. Last year we had Deon, Tyler and Alex and through the course of the season Deon and Alex got better and better. And now we have Deon and some inexperienced guys, so I think it's extremely important to get them as many minutes as you can in game-type scenarios. Because we can't simulate in practice what we faced against Penn, we can't simulate in practice what we'll face with Patrick Patterson tomorrow night. So the key to their development will be the games. Because in practice we can't do that, particularly without Tyler ..."

Do you anticipate any changes in the starting lineup for this game?

"I guess the best answer is I don't anticipate it because I haven't thought one second about it, so I'd say we'll probably go with the same ..."

How's Marcus doing with his recovery - is he about on schedule?

"He's doing fine. Is he on schedule? I'd probably say he's a little behind schedule. It's taking him a little longer to get going than they thought he would. Initially they thought he'd have a chance to be able to do some things four weeks in and we're well past four weeks right now and he's still not doing anything. But I think he'll really start improving now that he's out of the boot ..."



Does playing Kentucky get you more excited than perhaps the opener did?

"I think every game we play is exciting. Every player is looking forward to it ... every team is going to give us a fight. But Kentucky is known to always have one of the best teams in the country and they have a lot of talent, so we know we're not going to just beat them with our talent. We've got to work hard and execute."

Did it feel strange not having Tyler Hansbrough on the court Saturday?

"Yeah, not just Tyler, though - we have a lot of guys who are hurt. I noticed during our layup lines that are team was kind of short. Tyler plays so many minutes and Marcus is a big factor, and those two not being there the team feels a bit empty. But guys are starting to adjust - we've had to do it in the past, there are going to come times when someone is hurt and someone else has to step up."



How do you feel like this team has meshed with having some new players playing more than anticipated?

"I think we're meshing together really well right now. We've been together since our freshman got here this summer and they were playing with us this summer in pickup games. They are all good kids with good personalities and mesh well with us."

You're going to play a prominent role in guarding Patrick Patterson on Tuesday.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be the one guarding him ... [I need to] just wall him and make him score over me. And don't pick up silly fouls while trying to battle him for position. And if I do front him, make sure I have a teammate on the backside when the pass comes."

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