UNC-CU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

LAHAINA, Hawaii -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Danny Green and Ty Lawson following Monday's 115-70 victory over Chaminade University in the opening round of the Maui Invitational.

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Opening Remarks -

Roy Williams: "Well, we played very well. I felt for Matt [Maher] to only have seven guys; to play against a team like us that likes to go up and down the court, I think the stamina issue was a big problem for them and just having enough bodies. But I did think we were extremely unselfish - 26 assists and seven turnovers is something that you like to see. Ty was 6-0, Larry was 7-1 and Bobby was 4-0, so you like that. We didn't rebound the ball quite as well, but I thought they were very active trying to get to the basket themselves and rebound the ball. But we just had too many bodies for them. I thought Ty was sensational early and then the first five or six possessions in the second half he had a hand in every basket we made and had a couple of steals on the defensive end. And I thought Danny was really active running the court. We're a little shorthanded as well, so we had Will and Da[nny] playing the four spot for us a little bit tonight without Tyler Hansbrough and Tyler Zeller both. But it was a nice night for us and we just had too many weapons for them."

Was Hansbrough sitting tonight a matter of playing it safe?

Williams: "More or less, yeah. I think if it had been for a national championship, I think he would have played. I made the decision before we left Santa Barbara that I was not going to play him three straight games here anyway and he tweaked his ankle a little bit against Santa Barbara - in fact, that's the problem right now, it's not even his shin. I have no idea if he'll be able to play tomorrow night. I did not plan for him to sit out two games, so if he does sit out it'll be because of his ankle, not his shin. His ankle on the other leg - his good leg."

Danny, entering this season did you think you'd ever have to play power forward again?

Danny Green: "Yeah, I guess I assumed so - a little bit. I didn't think we'd have this many bigs out right now. With all the bigs we had coming in, I thought I wouldn't have to play there as much but I knew I'd rotate in maybe a little but - for a late situation, a free throw or something like that. We have a lot of bigs, but we're shorthanded as Coach said, so we have Will and myself playing the '4' position. And I think tonight we had advantages running and getting out up the floor."

Ty, as Coach mentioned you started that second half run. What took place there?

Ty Lawson: "I was basically playing like I was in the first half, just getting in passing lanes trying to get my hand on the ball, getting my teammates involved passing it up and looking for my shot. So, I mean, I didn't do anything different than the first half."

Ty, can you talk about how the defense created so many turnovers, which turned into a lot of points ...

Lawson: "By forming good traps when we did trap and rotating well, which we've been practicing a lot on. That's what forced more of the turnovers. And then our ball pressure, which Coach has been telling us we need to do more of. "

Danny, career high tonight. You notice?

Green: "I didn't know until Coach told me after the game. I was just doing what Coach told me to do. What Ty said, we were just running into the lanes, we got a couple steals, pressured them, got some traps going and ran the floor and got easy baskets on passes from Ty."

Danny, at one point you scored 11 points in a row. When you're in the midst of something like that, do you realize it?

Green: "A little bit. If I could figure out how to do it, it'd be great for me. But it wasn't like they were hard baskets - they were easy baskets, so it was just running the floor and getting layups on easy finger rolls, as Coach would say."

How does playing three games in a row alter your substitution strategy here?

Williams: "Well, it is really important. Three straight days in a row is difficult. At the start of the year I thought we were going to have more depth than any team I'd ever coached. There are three guys sitting over there in street clothes that would definitely be in our top eight or nine guys - that's Marcus, Tyler and Tyler - and Michael would be able to play a lot right now because we're down on big guys. Made the decision before the game to really try to get Larry Drew some more minutes, I told Ty I'd try to get him out a little more often - I think we did that, only using him for 19 minutes. Kept Bobby in a little bit longer because he's been struggling so much with his shot and just needed one to go in, but he was sensational defensively, and again four assists and zero turnovers. I think we have several guys that I want to play, particularly when you're playing three days in a row."

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