UNC-UO: Postgame Quotes + Audio

LAHAINA, Hawaii -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough and Ed Davis following Tuesday's 98-69 victory over Oregon in the semifinals of the Maui Invitational.

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Opening Remarks -

Roy Williams: "It was a great start for us, no question about that. I thought Tyler's aggressiveness going to the basket and getting to the free throw line and Danny's three-point shooting were big, to say the least, early in the game. And we were very fortunate they didn't shoot the ball very well at all, they were 1-for-14 in the first half from the three-point line and they made a bunch of them in the second half. I thought defensively we were alert, again Danny made some big shots for us and that gave us a margin pretty early. For me, it was just trying to get Tyler a few minutes and not have him in there too much. I like that I look down and see Danny is the only one who played more than 23 minutes. Tyler played 19 and Ty played 20, and those are the guys I was trying to get out if we possibly could because of their ankles. So that part's good. A little frustrating at the end because we didn't maintain our concentration, but again the first half we were really pretty doggone good and that more or less was the game right there – it was such a big margin they couldn't come back as long as we continued to score a little bit on the other end."

Tyler, how'd you feel tonight?

Tyler Hansbrough: "I felt good. It was good to get back out there and get into the groove of things. Conditioning, I'm a little out of shape, but that'll come the more I play and the more I practice. My ankle, I felt it a little bit but overall I felt pretty good, loosened up and I was able to play a little bit."

Danny, career high in points last night and career high in three-pointers tonight – what's working for you?

Danny Green: "Really just my teammates finding me when I'm open, there's no real big secret to it. They have to focus so much on Tyler on the inside and Ty when he's penetrating and Wayne – we have so many threats that it leaves me open sometimes. I was just lucky enough to be open in the right spots at the right times and they found me and I knocked them in."

Is it safe to say you've adjusted to the starting role?

Green: "Yeah, I guess you could say that. Right now my main focus is to try and keep it consistent and pick it up better on the defensive end."

Tyler, with two games under your belt, do you feel warmed up a ready for a matchup with a ranked team in Notre Dame?

Hansbrough: "Yeah, we'll be ready, but also I play every game like we're playing anybody. We'll just have to see what happens. My body feels good right now and hopefully my ankle won't stiffen up and hurt tonight. Hopefully everything feels good and I'll be ready to go."

On Hansbrough's status for Wednesday's game -

Williams: "The decision of whether Tyler will play tomorrow night will be made tomorrow during warmups. And it'll be made by both of us. If he has any pain in his ankle we probably won't play him and if he doesn't and feels good we probably will play him."

Coach, any thoughts on Notre Dame?

Williams: "C.B. McGrath is our assistant that has been scouting Notre Dame and he'll give the coaches a scouting report a little bit later. I know that Luke Harangody is a big time player and if I'm not mistaken was the Player of the Year in the Big East last year. And then they have tremendous three-point shooters. Don't expect them to ever miss four straight free throws at the end of the game like they did tonight … Notre Dame had a great year last year and they're continuing to play that well right now. They do have the threat offensively that is difficult to cover when they can score so well from the inside and shoot the ball from the perimeter so well. We've got to get back quickly and get the shooters picked up, sometimes pick them up in the transition so they don't get open looks."

How concerned are you about Hansbrough's injury status at this point?

Williams: "If you look down, he only played 19 minutes. I was concerned about him, but again I'm more concerned about the ankle. I think the shin, the stress reaction condition, is coming along pretty well. But I am being very honest – I think it's 50-50 whether he'll play tomorrow night. He played Friday and then Saturday is when the ankle really started bothering him and it was an unusual thing because he hit the ankle on the floor when he was going in for a layup and a guy followed him. It's not a turned ankle. If it stiffens up tonight and hurts tomorrow, we're not going to play him – we're not going to tape him up and play him. I wouldn't do that, well, he'd make me play him or beat me up if it was for the national championship, I guess. So I really don't know what I'll do, it'll depend on how he feels. He is a concern all the time because he is so physical, he's hitting the floor, running the floor, banging inside, but he's the most focused, driven, conditioned athlete that I've been around and can usually take more than most people can."

Coach, in both your games here your opponents have combined to shoot for less than 25 percent in the first half. Can you talk about the defensive effort?

"I think we were good in the first half defensively, but we didn't maintain the concentration in the second half. We talked about not giving them open looks and the other thing was to finish the defense with great rebounding and we outrebounded them 58-33, and that was huge for us as well. Last night and tonight in the first half we were good defensively, but they missed some shots too, but that's part of it. At times we did a nice job defensively."



You've been so good at rebounding early on – what's your key to doing that?

"That's just one thing I think I can contribute to the team night in and night out. I might not score or defend as well as I want to, but I know one thing I can do is rebound every night, so that's just my goal."

Are rebounds more important to you than points your freshman year?

"I just feel like on this team, with my role this year, rebounding would be a good thing to do to get playing time because that's what I do … Coach always talks about rebounding and hustling, so I've been trying to get every rebound I can."

What was the preseason focus for you when you arrived in Chapel Hill in June?

"Really just getting stronger. Not so much putting on weight, but just getting stronger. The weight is going to come eventually when I stop growing. … It's not a set goal, but I want to be at 240-245, up in that area, by the time I leave here."

Two double-doubles already this year. How much pride do you take in that?

"I'm just glad that we're 5-0 – that's all I'm happy about."

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