UNC-UNCA: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Danny Green, Ty Lawson and Deon Thompson following Sunday's win ...

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Opening remarks:
"Well, it was just a case of we were much more gifted than they were. I did try to get our guys to focus coming back from a long trip and having such a fun time in Hawaii… I thought Ty was really dominating the game. I took him out early because it was just – he had totaled 22 points, eight assists, one turnover and five steals. He was really setting the tone of the whole game. I thought he was really, really something.

"Defensively, they shoot 26 percent but they just missed some shots they would normally make. Our defense was pretty good, but it wasn't that good. We were fortunate that they missed some of the shots. And you look down and don't like to see that they have 18 offensive rebounds, three more than we do, but we also made a bunch of shots so we didn't have as many opportunities to get offensive rebounds. But other than the backboard work, I was pleased with almost the entire game.

"Danny put on a show in the second half. I decided to leave him in when he got his fourth foul, because if I take him out, you know the score of the game was going to make sure that he wasn't in there the last six or eight minutes, and he needed to have some positive things happen. He was great in Maui, but in the last game he didn't play as well, so it was nice to see him bounce back today. But we just made a bunch of shots and they missed a bunch of shots, and basically, that was the ball game."

On Ed Davis' play this season:
"I'm pleased with him, I'm not satisfied with him. I think if I'm satisfied with him, it means that it's a sure thing that his motion is going to stop and we want him to keep moving forward. But he's really doing some good things for us. He's got to be able to guard somebody out on the court.

"We ran a play for him tonight and he went the wrong way on his own play, and he shouldn't do that if he gets a chance to score, but I think he's really doing some good things for us. We're extremely fortunate to have him and he's going to be a big time player."

On Tyler Hansbrough:
"He felt great against Notre Dame and he played great, and was about as intense as I've ever seen him. It's a hard plane ride back, those seats are so small, and we had some problems that you read about – we were sitting in those seats a long, long time. Came back on Friday and he could barely touch the rim his foot was so stiff.

"The only guy that could touch the rim was Ed, and Deon said it was because he had young legs. Yesterday at practice he was real stiff and then he practiced and it really got loose for him, and he felt good at the end of practice. But it was stiff again today…

"I have no idea if he will play Wednesday night. It depends on what happens on Tuesday at practice, which is after I talk to [the media], and Wednesday at shoot around, which is a long time after I talk to [the media]."


On knocking down six 3-pointers in a row:
"It was a good confidence booster for me and I know my teammates had fun watching it, but it doesn't happen very often."

On shooting the 3-pointers from so deep:
"Honestly, that one I shot deep I wasn't expecting to shoot that deep; that's just where I caught it. Bobby handed it off it me and I happened to be that far, so I figured why not. I took a couple heat checks and they went in, so I kept shooting until I missed one."

On getting into the groove in the second half:
"The game was starting to come to me a lot easier and things were just going my way. I mean things weren't going my way defensively. I was getting in foul trouble and just couldn't stay out of foul trouble, but offensively it started clicking for me. They started finding me, I started getting open a lot and shots were going in for me."


On playing without Tyler Hansbrough:
"We just played well today. We missed a lot from Tyler who's averaging a lot and gets a lot of rebounds. Coach wanted us to rebound better, but everything else I think we did well today."

On his streak of 30 assists to three turnovers:
"It feels good. I'm just trying to take care of the ball and make sure my teammates get good shots, but I'm just trying to take care of the ball better than I did last year."


On the events of the plane ride home from Hawaii:
"Where I was sitting at, the guy looked like he was almost dead, basically. He was unconscious; he was just all over the place. I was kind of scared at that point in time. They needed us to help carry him, the flight attendants asked us to carry him, so me and Tyler got up and carried him. It was just really hard to carry him because the aisles were so small to carry him to a galley way to put him on the floor.

"I had never been a part of anything like that, so after it was done and over with, I was scared for the guy, because he was unconscious. But they said he was all right and they got him off the plane… Even when he got off the plane, he was still unconscious. We saw them shocking his chest and I've never seen anything like that before."

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