Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the Maui trip:
"I was really pleased. I've been really pleased with the majority of every game. You're never going to be pleased with everything, but Maui's just wonderful… It's a beautiful, beautiful place and it gets to be a heck of a lot prettier when you play well. Somebody asked if we had a good trip, and I said, ‘Yes, we played well and we won. You send me to Siberia and I'll be okay if we win. But if I had my choice, I'd rather go to Maui.' But against Oregon and Notre Dame, I thought we really did some nice things. And we came back and everybody was concerned about how focused we would be, and I thought we did some nice things [on Sunday night] as well."

On the defense:
"I've been pleased with our defense and I think we're improving. I think we're much further ahead at this stage this year than we were at the same stage last year. And over the course of the season, you should get better defensively. We had a little conversation today… The other guys on team need to get Bobby [Frasor's] sense of urgency, and if they do that, then I do think we'll get better. But I do think we are getting better."

On Ed Davis:
"Ed is an unusual player. You don't see many like this – you see several more in the other direction that struggle playing the game but look great in practice. Ed is the other direction. Some of our post-player drills that we do, he just looks slow and doesn't look very explosive. I'm thinking, ‘My gosh…'

"But then the game starts and the lights turn on and people get in their seats and all of a sudden he jumps higher and blocks more shots and gets more rebounds. He's got to have better balance. We've got to get him to have better feet, but he's really doing a nice job. He gives us a guy back there that can block some shots and erase some mistakes, and he has a natural instinct to rebound the basketball, too."

On Justin Watts:
"We really never considered red-shirting Justin. We talked when we recruited him that if those three guys came back, it was going to be hard for [him] to play, but he may have an opportunity. If they don't come back, you'd better be good. So that's the way we looked at it with him. We never really considered the red-shirting part because we also had five kids coming in behind him that had already committed to us before Justin did. That was not a serious consideration for us."

On Bobby Frasor's being the defensive player of the game in five of UNC's seven games so far:
"I think I'll get this right, but Bobby's grade against Notre Dame was 26 to 2 – 26 good and only two bad. That is an unbelievable grade. In 21 years as a head coach, that would be in the top-five grades that I've ever had, so he's been doing a great job so far."

On Tyler Zeller:
"The plan would be to red-shirt him. It would be called a medical red-shirt because he's already played in two games.

On the fullcourt press:
"We've tried to work more picking up in the fullcourt, particularly after free throws, and we've gotten something out of it so far, yet we had to quit at Santa Barbara because they were running right through it and we weren't getting the proper rotation and they were getting any shot they wanted. We've got to continue working on it. I think it is something that we'll be able to use throughout the course of the year."

On possibly instituting a Blue team as a second five:
"I don't really see us coming back with a Blue team. It's amazing, because Coach Smith only did that four or five years and people think that he did it 39 years. I had a couple of years at Kansas where I had something similar. I play people. Usually, when I put five guys in at the same time, it's because I'm mad at the five guys that are out on the court. We don't have any plans right now to do a Blue team. I'm just going to put anybody that's in a Carolina uniform in the game that I want at that specific time."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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