BB: Tuesday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Ty Lawson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare to travel to Detroit to face No. 12 Michigan State on Wednesday in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

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On if Tyler Hansbrough will play on Wednesday:
"I do not know."

On a report that ESPN expects him to play:
"ESPN sure as [heck] doesn't know."

More on Hansbrough:
"Saturday before practice, I did not think he would play at all Sunday night. After practice, I did think he would play. But when he came back Sunday, it was stiff again and I said, ‘Let's not mess with it.' So he didn't practice yesterday. I haven't seen him yet today, and what happens today will determine whether or not he plays tomorrow."

On if Ford Field will use a raised floor:
"I wish I could say ‘I don't know' to that one, too, but I'm afraid we are going to be playing on a raised court. It will be unusual for me. I know when I was watching the games last year, it just looked weird. I don't know that I would enjoy it as much as [normal], but you know, as coaches we get in a rut and think that what we do is more comfortable than change is. But I'm going to have a hard time trying to figure out if that will be any more fun."

On North Carolina catching Kentucky in the all-time wins race:
"One thing that comes to mind is that if I had been the coach and we had won all of those games, it would really mean a lot. Needless to say, I have not been involved in all of those… It's hard to make up that kind of number on a team and a program like Kentucky. But what I normally say and if we were to have that happen during my coaching career, I would change it a little bit, but what I say now is that the top-three programs in college basketball on the all-time winning list is Kentucky, North Carolina and Kansas, and I've coached at two of the three, so I've been very lucky.

"I would change that if that were to happen, and say that I've coached at the all-time winningest program in college basketball and the one that's third. So other than that statement in the prospects' home, I don't think it would change me very much."

On the North Carolina Way:
"The Carolina Way to me started with Coach Smith, and that's not to take anything away from Coach McGuire or any of the other coaches, but it's recruiting, ethically, morally, legally the right way [and] true student-athletes who are serious about their education. It's taking those student-athletes and trying to build a team and be more concerned about the team on the court and yet still having the ability to be concerned about the individual off the court.

"And then once they finish playing, it's to always be concerned about that individual and having him be part of your family because of the way he represented the university during his time here."



Has there ever been a team that you couldn't outrun?
"Probably against Georgetown – that was the only game that I probably couldn't beat a team down the court. But other than that, there hasn't been a team that could control me so I couldn't beat them down the court."

How much of that is instinct and how much is talent?
"It's probably 90 percent my speed, and then instinct kicks in once I get past halfcourt when I can see where everybody is and where the big men are. If the big men are still behind me, then it's like a 100 percent that I'm going to the basket, because there's nobody there that could probably block it or anything like that."

Is this the best stretch of basketball that you've played at North Carolina?
"I think so. Since before my injury, this is the best stretch so far."

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