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Donavan Tate committed to North Carolina last week. The 6-foot-2, 205-pound two-sport star from Cartersville (Ga.) plans to play football and baseball for the Tar Heels. He spoke with Inside Carolina about his decision and his athletic future ...

Why did you choose UNC?

"I narrowed it down to North Carolina, Michigan, Alabama, and [Southern Cal]. I was planning on not taking any more official visits, but meeting with the coaches and making my decision based on the feelings I got from meeting with the coaches.

"With North Carolina, Coach [Butch] Davis and Coach [Steve] Hagen came down to the house. Within the meeting, the things they told me [and] I could see myself fitting at UNC really well. It was just a feeling that I had."

Have you had in-home visits with other schools?

"No sir. That was my first in-home visit. I've taken an official visit to USC earlier in the season. So I guess you could say that was a visit. I've met with Coach Richt before at Georgia and Coach [Nick] Saban. So it's not like I didn't meet any other schools."

Are you going to entertain any future in-home or official visits with schools besides UNC?

"No sir. I don't think so."

Heading into your in-home visit with Davis, did you expect to verbally commit?

"It just happened."

What was discussed during your in-home visit with Butch Davis?

"He just told me a little about himself, about the program, and the opportunities that I'll have there."

What did Davis discuss regarding how you will be utilized by UNC?

"They want me to come play quarterback."

How much did UNC's baseball program effect your decision?

"I tried to look at both sides – football and baseball. Obviously, the football program is coming up with Coach Davis being a good coach. He's really building the football program up. They obviously have a really good baseball team being in the College World Series. [UNC] offers a good opportunity in both sports."

What role did your primary recruiter, Steve Hagen, have in your decision?

"He had a big influence, because he was the first coach I really got to talk to, and really got to know and build a relationship with. I have a really good relationship with Coach Hagen."

Why make this decision without taking a visit to UNC?

"There are a lot of things that I felt how I could fit in at UNC. My mom and I had talked about and it is just a good opportunity for me and my family.

Have you rescheduled your official visit to UNC?

"I'm going up there this weekend."

How firm is your decision? Will you visit any other school?

"It's my word. It's pretty solid. I don't think [I'll visit other schools]."

What have the UNC football coaches said regarding the possibility that you could head the Major League Baseball route?

"They've mentioned it, but it's not really that big of a deal at this point in the game. The draft is a long ways away."

Where are your thoughts regarding your future decision between college or professional baseball?

"It's really not something that I'm trying to focus on at all. I'm just trying to focus on the visit, and focus on my senior baseball season. Right now, I'm pretty much set on going to college – that's what I'm going to do.

"There's an opportunity and a choice that I'm going to have to make, but that's in June and I still have to play this baseball season."

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