Withers Visits Armwood

North Carolina defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach Everett Withers dropped by Seffner (Fla.) Armwood High last week to check on the trio of UNC targets at the school, including Mywan Jackson.

"He was talking about how they're still interested in me and wanted to talk to me a little more – get more face-to-face time," Jackson said of his chat with Withers.

Withers focused on how they would utilize Jackson, a 5-foot-11, 170-pound athlete that stars at quarterback for Armwood.

"He said I'm going to have a say in what I want to do," Jackson said. "I told him as soon as I get there I can step in with the DBs. He thinks I can really play at corner."

Jackson's teammates, Ryne Giddens and Angelo Hadley, are also being recruited by UNC.

Following his September official visit to UNC – which he took with his two aforementioned teammates – Jackson crowned the Tar Heels his leader. However, he has since backed off that stance.

"I don't have [a leader] right now," Jackson said. "Everything is equal between the four or maybe five [schools] I'm looking at."

Jackson says his favorites list currently includes Auburn, Florida State, Louisville, Michigan, and UNC.

"They all got their own thing going for them right now," Jackson said of his five favorite schools. "They all look like they're going in the right direction.

"I like how they stay interested in me. They all expressed interest in me as an athlete. They all want to hone my skills. I can play receiver or kick returner or cornerback – wherever they want me, wherever they feel I'm going to be the best."

Jackson's favorites list has seen many changes throughout the recruiting process. Most recently, his list morphed from four to five schools.

"I'm back and forth with four or five," Jackson said. "Florida State is the newest [to join my favorites list]. They've been calling [lately].

"As of right now, anything can happen. I wouldn't say those are my final schools, because anyone can jump in and jump out."

Jackson has only taken an official visit to UNC. With his senior football season over, he plans to be focused on scheduling the rest of his official trips.

"I haven't scheduled anything, yet," Jackson said. "Probably [I'll officially visit] Auburn, Florida State, and I'm thinking about Michigan – I'm not sure yet."

Jackson said that ideally he will take all five of his official visits and then announce his collegiate decision on Signing Day. But he readily admits things might not go completely as planned.

"If something jumps out at me and I feel ready, it could happen," Jackson said of a possible early verbal commitment.

"I want a school that's going to be able to help me once I graduate," Jackson continued. "Like leading a successful career whether it is going into football or not. Other than that, I want to be a good football player and I want my skills to be displayed to the fullest potential. I know if I can do that, there's a good chance I can take it to the next level."

Jackson isn't sure how much influence his teammates' decisions will have on where he will choose to play his collegiate ball.

"If a lot of them go to one school and they really want me to come and join in on the fun, then I'll think about it," Jackson said. "It's not all that much [of a factor]. If it's a school that I'm considering as well, it will help a little bit."

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