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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Roy Williams discussed Marcus Ginyard's return to the court during his live call-in radio show on Monday night, as well as updating Bobby Frasor's appeal process and providing a full Tar Heel health report.

Opening remarks:
"The Michigan State game was impressive. We did some things that I didn't necessarily like and in the second half, I didn't look at the scoreboard for the first 12 minutes. And I said, ‘Gosh, I wish we would do this and I wish we would do that.' So I finally looked at the scoreboard and we were up 29, so I guessed that I'd better shut up because we were doing all right. It was a good game for us. We had some really good things happen. We got by with Bobby [Frasor] playing his worst game of the year, with Deon Thompson probably playing his worst game of the year, and with Danny [Green] not doing the things that he's been doing."

Has anything impressed you through the first eight games?
"Yes, I think so. First of all, eight games in 18 days is pretty tough on them mentally, so I saw that our guys are mentally tough. And we had two wins over two teams ranked in the top-25, in fact, two teams that were in the top-8 in the preseason poll, so I felt good about the toughness part and being able to go on the road at Santa Barbara… I know you're thinking, ‘Well, that's still Santa Barbara,' but that's one of the best atmospheres that I've ever coached in. And for our guys to hold their concentration and to do a good job and for Tyler to come back and play his first game in that setting and to do some nice things was good…

"And you look at the stats, and we're forcing more turnovers. Our turnover margin is better than it was last year, and yet, we're shooting it pretty well percentage-wise, but I don't think we've shot the ball well in any game yet. Because I guess I see us sometimes in practice shoot the dickens out of it, but I think the toughness part of it and being able to turn some people over a little bit on the defensive end is what I've been most happy with."

Marcus Ginyard update:
"Marcus went to the doctor today and the doctor gave him his complete release. We started over the weekend doing a little bit more strenuous conditioning work with him. We had him do some shooting and then brought him in again today and he worked with Jonas [Sahratian]. I think he dunked the ball for the first time since July. So we're trying to go a little bit at a time.

"There's no way that he'll be able to play this Saturday by any means, but we are going to try to get him into the dummy offense and some of the up-and-down stuff probably Thursday and Friday in practice and see how his foot handles that. We'll let him warm up for the game on Saturday and he'll be dressed, but he will not play. So hopefully by the end of next week there's a chance that we could get him fully involved in a practice and that now it's just his [ability to tolerate] the pain if he has pain, and then to trying to get him back into basketball condition."

On Bobby Frasor's NCAA appeal for a fifth-year:
"Bobby's appeal has been turned down twice, but we're stubborn, and so we've appealed the appeal to the appeal. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. But I've never been very encouraging to Bobby and his family because I don't think I should be, in case it doesn't work. But also because I think it's a tough one to win. But we're going to keep trying…

"[The NCAA] is trying to become more student-athlete friendly, but we're not getting much student-athlete-friendly attitude on this thing. I just think it's a hard one to win, and yet the rules for a medical red-shirt are pretty well cut and dried, and it doesn't give them a lot of wiggle room. There's a couple of extra parts in there that I just think are totally unfair and hope that we never have to get involved in those cases."

Health report:
"Cope is still a few more weeks away from being released. Tyler Hansbrough is on my mandatory seven-day off period after the game against Michigan State. Before the game we had this agreement that if I let him play, then [for the next week], he wasn't going to do anything basketball-wise. I talked to him this afternoon and his ankle is feeling a heck of a lot better.

"The shin has been getting better all along, but his ankle is feeling a heck of a lot better now. So we'll see if we let him do some free throws and jogging up and down the court on Wednesday during run and shoot and then we'll practice Thursday and Friday. I think he'll be better than he has been in the last couple of weeks.

"Bobby sprained his ankle in the first part of the Michigan State game and he tried to stay in there. It bothered him a little bit during the game, but he felt better yesterday, too."

On Tyler Zeller:
"We are 99.9 percent sure that Tyler is out for the complete season and we're 99.9 percent sure that he will be able to get the [medical] red-shirt because he's fallen within those terms that they have in the rules."

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