UNC-ORU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Bobby Frasor, Ty Lawson, Deon Thompson, Tyler Hansbrough and Marcus Ginyard following Saturday's win ...

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Opening Statement:
"What it does is it it makes our coaching staff feel very good because we sure as dickens need some practice time. We feel happy about the win and those kind of things but it's probably the least efficient that we've been out there. I think you congratulate Oral Roberts because they kept coming at us. [Robert] Jarvis made a bunch of shots and I think their post players played well and did some things we did not want to do.

"We were not sharp at all. We weren't very good defensively at all. I think it is the first time this year we have been out rebounded. I know it is the first time we've been outrebounded by more than one or two....I guess we should have expected it. The last nine days we've had two practices and taken four hundred exams or whatever it is they've had to take. I wasn't pleased at all with what we did on the backboards. I wasn't pleased with our defense. We were just more gifted, that's the bottom line...and playing at home and we won the game because we should have, won it because of those reasons.

"Again I think you have to congratulate Oral Roberts because we get it to twenty at halftime and they outscore us in the second half. Not good news to me when we give up 50 points in the second half. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we've got to get back and go to work. I've been pleased with what we've done defensively on the floor, but not tonight so we've got to get back to work."

On Danny Green's laceration to his head:
"Five stitches. Should not stop him from playing on Thursday. I asked if he would be able to practice on Monday, I didn't give a darn about the game on Thursday. We need the practice."

On Tyler Hansbrough's health being close to 100 percent:
"No. He is probably the least conditioned I've ever seen the youngster in my entire life."

On if Marcus Ginyard will play on Thursday:
"I doubt it. I started to have him report in tonight and let him get an ovation and take him out before the ball came back in play, but he said something smart to me on the bench, so I didn't do that…

"I think [Michael] Copeland may be a little closer to be ready to play, because Cope has done some live things in practice. Marcus has not done any live things in practice yet. I'd think we would just have to wait and see how he does. Right now, I'm thinking doubtful, but hopeful for right after Christmas."


On the team's performance:
"It was definitely nice to win this game but we didn't play the way we needed to or the way we wanted to. We'll get there. We have three practices before our next game, so hopefully we can get that rust off."

On winning by double digits despite not playing well:
"When you look at yourself and watch yourself on film, everybody wants to have that perfect game and that was nowhere near it, so we definitely have to improve."


On the team's performance:
"It seemed like we were a little rusty and a little out of sync."

On when he saw Deon's improvement:
"Over the summer. I could see how much work he was putting in. He was giving Tyler a run for his money playing pickup. Deon's really versatile. He can shoot the J and go inside. He's a great player."

More on seeing Deon's improvement over the summer:
"I saw Deon look more buff, he'd lost the baby fat....He was going hard at Tyler, which he normally doesn't do."

On Tyler:
"It means a lot. Tyler's a great player. He's real versatile. He works hard. It's good to have a person like him representing the University as the top scorer because he puts in a lot of work. Everybody should look to him as an example."


On things being out of sync with the break and exams:
"I think so. Just a little bit. It's been awhile since we actually played a game. It took us a little while to get things going, and at times it was sloppy out there. And we definitely didn't rebound the ball. We got outrebounded, so coach wasn't too happy about that as well, so there are some things that coach will emphasize in practice."

On consistency of his individual play:
"It feels good to say that but I want to continue to do that until the end of the season."

On work over the summer:
"I think it was just working hard every day, and not taking days off and things like that, and knowing that I have to be consistent for our team to be even better."


On thinking about the record and points tonight:
"Not really. I didn't really think about it. Well, It's hard not to think about it, but I wasn't thinking, 'How many points away am I?' or anything like that.

On getting it over with:
"It is a big deal to me but also I think it will mean more to me once the season is over and I look back. I'm concentrating on this year as a team."

On his conditioning:
"It's not the best, sitting out for a little bit with my shin and my ankle injury popped up. It's just unfortunate, taking some time from practice. It's going to take me a while to get in shape. I think with some practice and conditioning I'll get there."

On if he's feeling any pain:
"No, the shin feels fine. A little bit in the ankle. It's getting all better.

On being at home:
"It felt good. One thing about playing at home is that you don't have to travel after you're done. But also in front of everybody, the home crowd, my mom was at the game so that was good."

On Phil Ford:
"I know he was a good player--a great player. I've met him a couple of times. I talk to him when he comes back here. He's one of the Carolina greats."

On Deon:
"He's a lot better....He's more consistent. He's playing well....He's worked on his body a lot, he's gotten a lot stronger. He's worked on his shot.

On Ty:
"He's always been fast. It's one of those things, if he's determined to do what he wants to do, it's going to happen."


On practicing:
"I'm trying to get in the groove a little, doing everything that I can. I'm staying out of the live stuff...doing all the dummy drills. Right now I'm out there running and doing some lateral stuff and dribbling and shooting. Really the only thing that I'm being held out of right now is the live stuff."

On his antsyness level:
"Probably about as high as it can go. I kind of wanted coach to put me in the game, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. It's one of the toughest points in the injury, coming back and trying ot make sure you're ready and make sure everything feels good. You get antsy about getting back in there, but you try to put that to the side and look at it from a medical standpoint and make sure everything feels good."

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