Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening remarks:
"It was a fun time looking at the score on Saturday night, but it wasn't fun watching how we got there. I'll use this phrase, ‘It was our least effective game of the year.' But we had had two practices in 10 days. Tyler [Hansbrough], for example, practiced about 30 percent of those two practices. I told him, ‘You set a pretty high standard, big fella – you got 26 points and nine rebounds and neither one of us thought you played very well.'

"But it was good to get out there again and now we can focus a little bit on basketball. We had a good practice today, and in fact, I was so fired up about practice, I had talked to Danny [Green] about coming here to the show tonight, and I forgot all about it. But we are going to get there twice tomorrow – have a shoot-around in the morning and then another practice in the afternoon, and then we'll do the same thing on Wednesday."

On Marcus Ginyard:
"Well, that was because he was harassing my rear end so much on the bench. He was getting after the officials a little bit and he was saying, ‘Coach, you've got to…' And I told him, ‘You better shut up or I'm going to put you in the game.' And then what I thought about doing was to put him out there and let him get introduced and then stop the play before it got started again and take him out just so people could show their appreciation for Marcus. That would have been something neat.

"I did come very close to putting Michael Copeland in the game, because Cope was able to go through some live stuff last week, but he wasn't quite ready. And Marcus, today was the first day that he's done anything live in any of our practices this year."

You mentioned after the game that you had a list of things to work on this week. What's at the top of that list?
"From Saturday's game – everything. We didn't shoot it well, we didn't do our offensive sets [and] our execution wasn't very good defensively. We had more blow-bys, more bad box-outs, more failed support – it was just a total… You could tell that we only had two practices in 10 days. But the good news is that they've done a really nice job on the academic side. We've got about 70 percent of the grades in now, and we feel really good about those. But today, it was probably leaned more to the defensive end of the floor, but we didn't play very well in any phase of the game."

On the team playing pickup ball with President-elect Barack Obama:
"It was really a neat deal. President-elect Obama was speaking here, and I'm on the road recruiting, in fact, and I get a call from one of my assistants that evidently a student leader here on campus with the Obama election campaign was good friends with Surry Wood. And President-elect Obama had asked him if they would possible be able to play any pickup games with our players. And I told Jerod [Haase], ‘Well, first of all, why don't you get in charge of it and take it out of Surry's hands.' But that's the way it started – two students talking about it.

"So they wanted to know if we could play pickup and I said, ‘Yes.' And they wanted to play at 8 a.m., and I said, ‘We can't do that, but we can play at 7:15.' Because we had seven or eight guys that had to be in class at 8 a.m. And they said that would be fine…

"At 7 a.m., he pulls up and he had some people with him. He was as gracious as he could possibly be. I told him that I had an inside scoop on him because I knew his high school coach personally and had known him for about 17 years. His reaction was, ‘Oh, no!" But he could not have been anymore gracious with our kids, to our kids. He really made it as easy a morning as it could possibly be.

"And then some unbelievably idiotic media tried to make it out that I was trying to violate NCAA rules because I was watching our kids play pickup games, so it took our people about six hours, going back and forth, and I told them to turn my rear end in. I could have cared less… The frickin' media could have taken a hike, for all I cared.

"But one good thing came out of it – the NCAA that afternoon at about 2 p.m. said, ‘Wait a minute, this is ridiculous. This is a non-issue. This is a special event kind of thing.' And I was thankful, but this is one of those idiotic things that you have to put up with. I know you can't fight the media – they've got more ink than I have, but that was about the dumbest dang day that I've ever had to spend in my life. But other than that, it was a wonderful experience."

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