UNC-VU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHICAGO -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Bobby Frasor and Tyler Hansbrough following Saturday's 85-63 win over Valparaiso at the United Center.

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Opening remarks:
"Happy Holidays to everybody – I just told my team the same thing. We hope that we gained something out of this game. I thought we played better today than we did against Oral Roberts and against Evansville. It was a great game for us to play against somebody that played a lot of zone. We haven't played against much zone all year long.

"We didn't shoot it nearly as well as I think we can shoot it by any means, but we did shoot it well the first six or eight minutes. If we didn't hit those threes, it would have been a 15-0 game early. I think that was really good for us, being on the road and traveling. It adds some experiences for you that will help you out later on."


Did you want to score in double figures?
"It wasn't in my mind, but it would have been nice. I wasn't hunting for my shot, though."

Is your shot feeling better?
"Definitely. With the time off, after finals and being done with school, I've just been in the gym a lot working on my shot, so it's definitely going to keep continuing to improve."

On the difficulty of playing with Christmas break looming:
"I remember my freshman year, we lost to USC because we were thinking about going home after that. [Tonight], Coach was on the bench trying to joke with some guys that, ‘You're already in Philadelphia,' or that, ‘You're not even playing, you're already in Torrance.' It's tough, but it's nice to get a win and be happy going home for Christmas. Because if we lost, we'd have that first practice back looming over our head the whole time."


Was it nice to play with the scoring record ordeal behind you?
"Yes, that was big. There was a lot of pressure those last two games with the scoring record and every one wanting me to break it two games ago, but I was just trying to play my game. It bothered me a little bit, but I'm glad it's behind me."

Is it hard to get up for this type of game?
"For me, I was excited to play in Chicago, just because I wanted to make sure that Bob came home and played a good game and we got a win for him. That's what kind of motivated me, but sometimes it is hard to get motivated for a game with Christmas around the corner and you have a big break. It's hard to stay focused."

On the number of UNC fans in the crowd:
"It never surprises me when we go to a big city like this. We always have a big following like this."

Does it bother you when people put so much emphasis on your hustle to the point of degrading the rest of your game?
"I don't really care what anybody says. I'm going to play the way I play. People can sit back and say, ‘Oh, he just hustles – anybody can hustle that hard.' I feel like I can shoot jump shots, too. But whatever people want to say, I'll just play my game and that's the way I'm going to play."

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