UNC-RU: Postgame Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Roy Williams and players comment following UNC's 97-75 win over Rutgers ...


Opening remarks:
"In some ways it was an unusual game. I felt like we weren't doing a very good job defensively and they were making every shot. I don't usually watch the scoreboard but every time I'd look up we were up 14, 16, 18, something like that. I think the game was backboards and the fact that we were able to turn them over. You guys have heard me say before that the toughest thing defensively is to keep the other team's field goal percentage down as you gamble. Our gambling, trapping, pressure defense got them to turn it over but they made the open shots that we gave them. I'm just greedy enough to want to try to be able to do both of them. I think that is hard to do, but we've got to do a better job of that."

On Tyler's 1000th rebound:
"Congratulations to Tyler. I told him that at the timeout and in the locker room. ... It's a pretty small field [with 1000 rebounds], and he's going to get some more of them."

On the play of Ty Lawson:
"I thought Ty was sensational -- six assists, zero turnovers. Those are the kinds of things we need him to do.

On the team's play:
"We still haven't shot the ball very well in any game. Sometimes in practice we make every shot. We're going to have some nights when we're shooting better and hopefully have some nights where we defend better and still do the job without getting them to turn it over and do the job we did on the backboards tonight. But it's a good win. We're pleased about that. I told Fred [Hill] that he's got some young kids but they've really upgraded the level of talent from three years ago."

On why opponents' field goal percentages have risen since exams and whether it has to do with gambling style:
"Practice. We haven't practiced. I had to introduce myself to the team. We went ten days and had two practices. ... We were gambling exactly the same amount before that we are gambling now."

On Marcus Ginyard's return:
"It was fun to have him out there. ... All those little things that he does so well, it's good to see him. I'd say he's about 80 percent, but I wanted to get him a few minutes tonight and see how he reacts. It will take a while to get him into game shape and it will take a while to get the substitution pattern flowing smoothly."


On tonight's performance compared to the past few games:
"I think the last couple of games we didn't come out and play our best. Today we wanted to come out and give more energy because we don't have too many consecutive games where we turn the ball over, making simple mistakes, not pushing it as much as we normally do. I think tonight we did a better job, especially offensively, of getting the ball out and scoring more. We played a little bit better defense, but they had some good scorers."

On whether exams has affected the team's defensive field goal percentage:
"I don't think there's any excuse for us to say that's the reason we're not playing good defense or that the field goal percentage is higher for our opponents. I think during that little stretch that we had we weren't playing our best basketball. ... When it comes down to it we have to execute and play defense. The last couple of games we haven't done that. I think we did a better job tonight."

On what Marcus Ginyard brings to the team:
"He gives us another threat. It picks us up even more, especially on the defensive end of the floor. ... He's probably our most vocal defender, and he tells guys where they need to be."


On returning to the court after three months:
"It felt great. It was exciting to get back out on the court. I'm just trying to work my way back in there. I was getting a little tired out there."

On what has been most difficult about not playing:
"Just having to watch every single play and knowing that you're not getting into the game. Even the past couple of games have been a little better because the possibility has been there."

On the greeting from the crowd:
"I'm grateful to have fans who are excited about Carolina basketball and excited about my return.


On the team's performance:
"We played better offensively. Coach said we needed to do some things defensively a little better. We'll work on it."

On grabbing his 1000th rebound:
"It means a lot. Rebounding is a big part of the game. I think that's almost as tough as anything. It's a lot of effort. But I've still got to keep playing, and hopefully I'll keep getting more boards."

On Marcus Ginyard's return:
"It was good for him to get some game time minutes and get a feel for what it's like being out there. He always gives us a boost and hopefully he'll continue to get better."

On the play of Ty Lawson:
"I think Ty is passing the ball really well right now. He's playing really good basketball. That's what we expect from him."


His New Year's resolutions:
"As a team, get better defensively. Individually, start knocking down shots."

On being more aggressive to start the second half:
"I wanted to attack the basket some more, get on the foul line, create some plays for teammates. ... As soon as I get some easy ones and get going that way, everything else starts to come."

On the maturity it takes to contribute in other ways besides scoring:
"As you begin to get older and start to understand the game more you realize that there are a lot of ways that you can contribute in a basketball game. You don't always have to be the leading scorer, you don't always have to score the basketball as much, but in order for your team to do well, which is the most important thing, you've got to contribute in other ways."


On the team's play heading into the New Year:
"As of right now, I like where we're going. The offense is playing together. I think that's good."

On his six-assist, no-turnover performance:
"I'm not penetrating too far. And my teammates are knocking down shots -- Danny, Wayne, even Tyler is hitting like 18-footers. So my teammates are really helping me out."

On ACC play kicking in:
"We definitely have to improve on defense. That's the only area we're slacking in according to coach. We've got to work on rotating off ball screens so they can't get easy dump-down passes and things like that."

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