Blue's Enrollment Pushed Back

Former North Carolina signee A.J. Blue will not enroll at UNC in January as originally hoped.

After failing to qualify coming out of Dallas (N.C.) North Gaston High, Blue, a 6-foot-2, 205-pound athlete, enrolled at Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy with the hope of prepping just one semester.

However, the courses Blue enrolled in ended up becoming year-long (two semester) classes. Blue is enrolled in four courses, in addition to taking ACT/SAT prep classes.

"I'm doing really well [in my classes], actually," Blue said.

The grades Blue receives in his classes will replace the grades of his corresponding high school classes, thus improving his core grade-point average. In the meantime, Blue will continue to take the ACT and, with the help from the prep classes, figures to improve on his score by the time he leaves Hargrave on May 16.

The NCAA Clearinghouse uses a sliding scale that evaluates a test score and core grade-point average to determine whether an incoming freshman is academically eligible. Therefore if Blue improves both his GPA and ACT score, his chances to qualify improves, also.

"I know I will [get qualified], because I'm working hard," Blue said. "Hopefully everything will come together."

Right before the Dead Period, Blue spoke with Kenny Browning, who handles the recruitments of UNC's targets enrolled at Hargrave.

"[Browning] was up here for [Bobby] Massie, but he took a couple minutes to talk to me," Blue said. "He was just telling me to stay in shape, he's excited about me coming, and told me to keep throwing. I took that as a go ahead and be ready [to play quarterback], just in case."

During the weekend of Jan. 16, Blue, along with Massie, will officially visit UNC.

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